Single’s Inferno: All Cast Members’ Instagram Profiles Ranked, Ages, Jobs

The popularity of Korean Netflix reality TV show Single’s Inferno is off the charts, and fans now want to know where to follow all the cast members on Instagram and YouTube. Fans also want to know the cast members’ ages and jobs.

Well, look no further for every Instagram and YouTube account from the show’s participants, full names included. We’ve listed all the cast members, separated by gender, ranking them by their number of Instagram followers. We also found out all of the Single’s Inferno cast members’ ages and jobs.

On Single’s Inferno, the cast were slumming it on a remote island. Or they were going on dates at the Paradise Hotel with their limited luggage. But now fans can see the glamourous side of the cast members.

First off, here are all the girls’ Instagram and YouTube accounts ranked by follower counts.

Single’s Inferno’s Song Jia’s Instagram & YouTube Accounts, Dog, Age, Job

Song Jia wins the popularity contest for Single’s Inferno ladies not just with the guy contestants, but also on her Instagram. Jia’s Instagram has over 2.6 million followers, where she posts a lot of pictures of her luxurious lifestyle and her in beautiful outfits.

Single's Inferno's Jia Promoting Perfume on Her Instagram
Single’s Inferno’s Jia Song promotes products like perfume on her Instagram from sponsors who make her a lot of money (Instagram).

Jia’s job as an influencer involves getting a lot of sponsors making her big money to promote products like clothing, perfume, jewelry and more. She’s such a hustler, even Jia’s dog has an Instagram account, too, and wears designer clothes.

Single's Inferno's Jia Posting a Selfie on Her Instagram Account
Single’s Inferno’s Jia posting a glamorous selfie on her Instagram account (Instagram).

Her job as a professional beauty influencer gave her an advantage over her competition. Also, it helped her since she was already a natural in front of the camera. On top of her huge Instagram account, Jia is also a very successful beauty YouTube vlogger. She has over 1.6 million followers on her channel.

Single’s Inferno’s So-Yeon’s Instagram & YouTube Accounts, Age, Jobs, Sports

Kang So-Yeon’s Instagram is the second most popular out of all the Single’s Inferno girls with 823,000 followers. So-Yeon, age 34, is the most athletic girl by far from the Netflix hit show. She loves sports, including boxing, soccer, weight lifting, running, mountain biking, tennis, surfing, golfing, swimming, baseball, basketball, mountain climbing, taekwondo (Korean martial arts), and dancing.

It’s no wonder So-Yeon says she’s very popular with guys.

Single’s Inferno’s So-Yeon Kang smiling for the camera while out playing soccer (Instagram).

But So-Yeon isn’t just a very sporty tomboy. She also likes to get dressed up and look pretty.

Single's Inferno's So-Yeon Posing In A Black Dress & White High Heels
Single’s Inferno’s So-Yeon modeling for the camera in a black dress and high heels while in LA (Instagram).

So-Yeon’s job is running her boxing gym, HITFIT BOXING. She also is a successful influencer on Instagram now So-Yeon’s successful YouTube channel which documents her sporty lifestyle.

Single’s Inferno’s Yea-Won’s Instagram & YouTube Accounts, Age, Job

An Yea-Won’s Instagram account comes in third with 762,000 followers. Her account has more than doubled in followers since being on Single’s Inferno! She works as a model, fitness trainer, and beauty/health influencer. Yea-Won’s jobs keep her busy, but she likes to play sports as well in her spare time. Yea-Won, age 27, has lots of pictures of her in designer clothes posing for the camera.

Single's Inferno's An Yea-Won at Cafe
Single’s Inferno’s An Yea-Won at cafe in a designer green top (Instagram).
Single's Inferno's An Yea-Won in a Hanbok Dress
Single’s Inferno’s An Yea-Won in a traditional Korean dress called a hanbok (Instagram).

Yea-Won’s YouTube channel is another ways she makes money as beauty influencer vlogging. However, she only has a little more than 23,000 followers there and only started it 4 months ago, after filming Single’s Inferno.

Single’s Inferno’s Shin Ji-Yeon’s Instagram, Job, Age

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Instagram comes in fourth place with 492,000 followers, but her original account was hacked! She could likely be near the top of the girls on Single’s Inferno for followers since she was one of the most popular girls on the show. Since she had to start a new Instagram account, Ji-Yeon doesn’t have a lot of photos, but with nearly half a million followers she can now make money as an influencer and already looks like she is getting sponsors like Dior.

Single’s Inferno’s Shin Ji-Yeon with a coffee latte with Dior written on it (Instagram).

Ji-Yeon, age 25, is currently not working because she is a full-time student at the University of Toronto, where she is a graduate studying neuroscience. She decided to study the brain after a grandparent suffered severe memory loss from Alzheimer’s disease.

Single’s Inferno’s Seong Min-Ji’s Instagram, Age, Job

Seong Min-Ji’s Instagram is the fifth most popular with 234,000 followers. Min-Ji, age 24, may not have had the chance to go to Paradise Hotel, but being briefly on Single’s Inferno for the last few episode didn’t hurt her influencer brand at all!

Single’s Inferno’s Seong Min-Ji, a successful freelance beauty model and influencer, poses for the camera (Instagram).

Min-Ji’s job is as a popular freelance model for luxury clothing lines and beauty products.

Single’s Inferno’s Kim Su-Min’s Instagram, Job, Age

Kim Su-Min’s Instagram has 167,000 followers. Although she wasn’t on Single’s Inferno for long, she increased her follower count by over 100,000 since being on the show! Su-Min, age 24, has a job as a professional model specializing in beauty products like face washes.

Single's Inferno's Kim Su-min's Age, Job and Instagram Account
Single’s Inferno’s Kim Su-min, age 24, works as a professional model and also appears in commercials for her job (Instagram).

Su-Min has also got work in commercials for KFC and Angel-in-us coffee, first reported by Reality Titbit. On Instagram she likes to share photos of her modeling, traveling, working and hanging with friends and family. With her newfound fame it’s likely she will start making a lot more money for sponsored content on her Instagram account.

Single’s Inferno’s Cha Hyun-Seung’s Instagram, Age, Jobs

Cha Hyun-Seung’s Instagram follower count is 898,000 follwers, just beating his good gym friend, and main rival to Jia, Kim Hyeon-Joong. Hyun-Seung works as a professional dancer (for over 10 years), model and influencer. His Instagram is full of photos of him at his job as a backup dancer with K-pop stars, modeling, tragveling, driving sports cars, hanging with friends and working out.

Single's Inferno Cha Hyun-Seung's Instagram, Jobs, Age, YouTube Account
Single’s Inferno’s Cha Hyun-Seung, age 31, works in three jobs as a model, K-pop backup dancer and influencer/vlogger on YouTube (Instagram).

Hyun-Seung is known as the tan guy on the internet for salaciously dancing with K-pop star Sunmi at a water festival, which turned into a viral video that caused a lot of buzz in South Korea. He’s danced and worked with other K-pop groups such as TVXQ, EXO, Girl’s Generation, and BTOB.

Hyun-Seung dancing with K-pop star Sunmi at Waterbomb Festival.

Hyun-Seung’s YouTube channel has 150,000 followers. He shares his dancing and influencer lifestyle in his videos.

Single’s Inferno’s Kim Hyeon-Joong’s Instagram Account, Age, Jobs

Kim Hyeon-Joong’s Instagram comes in second for the guys on Single’s Inferno with 881,000 followers. He’s more than doubled his follower count since being on the Netflix hit show. On his Gram he shows off his ripped body, workouts, model shots in designer clothes, hanging with friends, and influencer lifestyle. Hyeon-Joong, age 28, has two jobs, one working as a fitness trainer at his private gym, Mood Gym, and he’s also a professional model.

Single's Inferno Hyeon-Joong Working Out
Single’s Inferno’s Hyeon-Joong, age 28, works as a personal trainer and professional model (Instagram).

Single’s Inferno’s Choi Si-Hun’s Instagram, Age, Job

Choi Si-Hun’s Instagram comes in third place for the Single’s Inferno boys with a follower count of 768,000 followers. Si-Hun shares his day-to-day life working as the boss of his own company and likes to pose for the camera. With such a huge increase in followers since the show was released on Netflix, he should probably look into becoming an influencer like a lot of his other cast members.

Single's Inferno's Choi Si-Hun's Instagram, Age, Job
Single’s Inferno’s Choi Si-Hun, age 30, works as the CEO of his own clothing line specializing in designing and selling hats (Instagram).

Si-Hun, age 30, is the founder and CEO of his own clothing line called Headwear HOTEN®_ORIGINAL. His company and job is specializing in selling high-end, fancy hats.

Single’s Inferno’s Moon Se-Hoon’s Instagram Account, Job, Restaurant, Age

Moon Se-Hoon’s Instagram comes in fourth place for the guys from Single’s Inferno with 589,000 followers. On Instagram, Se-Hoon doesn’t share a whole lot, including a couple of family pics from when he was a kid, one photo of him fishing, and photos of just him on his own.

Single's Inferno's Moon Se-Hoon's Instagram, Job, Age, Restaurant
Single’s Inferno contestant Moon Se-Hoon, age 27, works as a manager of his own restaurant and as a chef in his spare time (Instagram).

Se-Hoon works as the manager of his own restaurant called Only Go, in Gangnam, Seoul. He also works as a chef there when he has time. Se-Hoon puts a lot more work into the photos and upkeep of his restaurant’s Instagram than his own personal one, posting amazing pictures of the food there.

Although many pretty girls visit his restaurant, there are no pictures yet of Ji-Yeon eating a meal there after he invited her on the show.

Single’s Inferno’s On Jin-Taek’s Age, Instagram Account, Job

On Jin-Taek’s Instagram account comes in fifth place with 333,000 followers. Via Instagram, he shares photos of his bachelor lifestyle. He has lots of photos in fancy suits from his tailor shop, drinking with his friends, playing sports, working out, and working on the job.

Singles Inferno's On Jin-Taek's Instagram, Age, Job, Clothing Store
Singles Inferno’s On Jin-Taek, age 30, owns his tailor shop business and he loves to dress up in fancy suits from his clothing store (Instagram).

Like Se-Hoon, he is hyper-focused on running his own business, a men’s suits clothing store called Ascottage. Jin-Taek’s clients are the rich and famous, custom tailoring suits for successful businessman.

Single’s Inferno’s Kim Jun-Sik’s Instagram, Age, Job

Kim Jin-Sik’s Instagram has the least number of followers for the guys at 215,000. It’s probably not all that surprising since the poor guy didn’t get a lot of screen-time on Single’s Inferno. On Jun-Sik’s Instagram, he shares a lot of photos of him modeling, working out, hanging with friends, and working.

Single's Inferno's Kim Jun-Sik's Instagram, Job, Age
Single’s Inferno’s Kim Jun-Sik, in his early thirties, works at his own food company and recently received a degree in food and agriculture (Instagram).

Jun-Sik is the founder of his own food company called Kamee, which specializes in selling wild ginseng guarana honey, collagen honey, and ginseng premium mixed nuts.

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