Love Is Blind S6: Did Jimmy Cheat With Jessica On Chelsea

Love Is Blind S6: Did Jimmy Cheat With Jessica On Chelsea

The first nine episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 were a whirlwind of romances and love triangles. Jimmy Presnell faced a very tough decision when he faced a choice between two women, sight unseen, who were very different. Flight attendant and event/wedding planner Chelsea Blackwell was a more calm and bubbly women than intense and the high expectations of young mom Jessica Vestal. Jimmy picked the safer choice by dumping Jess and proposing to Chelsea. But upon seeing Chelsea, he wasn’t all that attracted to her. Now previews show Jimmy straying from his choice and her accusing him of sleeping with someone else. But, did Jimmy cheat with Jessica on his fiancée Chelsea while on Love Is Blind season 6?

Jimmy really fixated on Chelsea’s offhand comment that people think she looks like actress Megan Fox — even though she downplayed the comparison. Upon meeting her, he was a bit lukewarm and not as intense with kissing and telling her how beautiful she was. The show then cut to one of Jimmy’s confessionals where he says she definitely lied.

“[Chuckles] Chelsea told me she looks like Megan Fox.” He even had a Freudian slip after that. He said he had never been more sure of “Jess”, before correcting himself.

He later commented on never dating someone with piercings or tattoos before. Software salesman Jimmy also seemed more physically attracted by AD (Amber Desiree Smith) than his fiancée when the couples all met at their palatial resort in the Dominican Republic. He commented on how “stacked” AD was, referring to her curvaceous body. Jimmy’s boneheaded comments — and lack of affection during the group party — really hurt Chelsea’s self-confidence and brought up emotions of insecurity. She’d previously been cheated on in relationships.

Jessica crying after Jimmy broke it off with her on Love Is Blind season 6

Jessica crying after Jimmy broke it off with her on Love Is Blind season 6 (Netflix).

“I know I’m not over Jimmy. Like, I don’t know if anyone in my position would be. He will forever hold a part of me that nobody else does. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still get butterflies. I mean, I’m a human being. I’ve replayed and I have dreams often about, like conversations we had, and, like, plans we made and, like, experiences we had, like, in the pods,” Jessica admitted outside the pods in a confessional.

Love Is Blind Season 6: Did Jimmy Cheat With Jessica On Chelsea

Jimmy, age 28, got hit with a double-whammy in the pods when both women revealed something from their past Jimmy needed to know. First, executive assistant Jessica, age 29, revealed she had a 10-year-old daughter, Autumn, at home. She explained how she got pregnant in high school while dating her then-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Chelsea revealed she was married for five years to her high school sweet heart. Eventually it became clear to Jimmy he didn’t want to be a stepdad and was more interested in getting engaged to Chelsea.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, appearance looked like a big factor for his choice in relationship. And fans have commented that Jessica looks a lot more like Megan Fox than Chelsea does. Jess, aware of her fine looks, even made a point of of giving Jimmy a dig for taking so long to be honest about his intentions.

“When you see and realize what you’ve missed out on, you are going to choke. You’re gonna choke. You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief about what you missed out on,” she told a bashful Jimmy.

In the preview for future Love Is Blind season 6 episodes, Jimmy told Jess, “In reality, you were my number one still.”

Jessica in episode seven revealed she still had feeling for Jimmy and had a Freudian slip when talking to friend Laura Dadisman, “We’re team Jimmy at this point.”

Another scene in an upcoming episode shows Chelsea say, “You [bleeped] her! I know you [bleeped] her!”

So far they haven’t revealed who they’re talking about and what exactly transpired, but Jess is sticking up for Chelsea.

“There will be absolutely no Chelsea hate or hate of any kind tolerated or condoned here. Regardless of teh narrative, no one has anything to gain by intentionally trying to hurt someone with their words in this space that is already an emotional rollercoaster. A little compassion and empathy go a long way,” Jess wrote in an Instagram story on Thursday, Feb. 15.

Signs Jimmy Isn’t That Into Chelsea & May Have Cheated On Love Is Blind Season 6

However, Chelsea does appear to be prone to exaggerating situations if the vacation in the Dominican Republic is any indication. She claimed Jimmy spun AD around, which the cameras didn’t show. Although he did shamelessly flirt with her.

Jess thrilled that Jimmy is interested in her again after seeing her outside the pods

Jess thrilled that Jimmy is interested in her again after seeing her outside the pods (Netflix).

On episode seven, Chelsea revealed Jimmy saw a photo of Jess and that she’s stunning. Jess also mentioned how Jimmy added her on social media and then revoked the friend request several hours later. Jimmy even mentioned how was only seriously considering Jess as his fiancée at one point in the pods to Chelsea’s friends.

“I’ve spent almost the entire time I’ve been back, like, trying to heal. I don’t want to see him and be set back. ‘Cause, like, our first initial conversation was, like, so electric.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Chelsea got in a heated argument after she accused him of not being affectionate enough. Jimmy responded by saying he wanted to cool it on hooking up all the time and that he found her to be too clingy.

“I’ve done my own digging, and all of his exes look like me,” Jessica said in episode eight. “But Jimmy’s a man. And, like, we knew without seeing each other that the attraction was there. So, bringing it to life, I don’t know where he’s at, but I have a feeling, like, if I were to see Jimmy again it’s gonna be like dangling temptation, like, right in front of his face.”

However, some fans now believe Chelsea may have accused Jimmy of sleeping with on of his close girl friends, Barbara and Maddie.

In a brief interview with USA Today, Jess said she wasn’t upset with Chelsea after Jimmy picked her.

“[Chelsea] wasn’t even coming in and saying it in a loud and proud, braggadocious way. She was just sharing her good new. [Laura was] just having my back and letting me know that basically I wasn’t going to be the one who he was proposing to. All of the girls were so supportive. They wanted me to go out on my terms rather than getting broken up with.”

Jimmy looking shocked after Chelsea accused him of sleeping with Jess

Jimmy looking shocked after Chelsea accused him of sleeping with Jess (Netflix).

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Chelsea almost certainly didn’t end up getting married on the show (shocker) because Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, marriage registry doesn’t have them listed, but does have other cast members who started the marriage process or officially got married.

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