BB 25: Who Wins Power Of Veto On Week 6 & Will The POV Get Used

BB 25: Who Wins Power Of Veto On Week 6 & Will The POV Get Used

The competitors for the Big Brother 25‘s Week 6 Power Of Veto competition got selected on the morning of Saturday, September 9. Head of Household Cameron Hardin nominated to surprise houseguests Izzy Gleicher and Felicia Cannon after blindsiding the house. He convinced everyone he was going to nominate Blue Kim and Jag Bains. The POV competition started underway at around 1:30 PM EST with the live feeds being cut for more than an hour. So who wins Power of Veto in Week 6 and will the POV get used?

Before the POV competition, Cirie talked to Cameron trying to persuade him not to backdoor her. Cameron let slip to a flirtatious and friendly America Lopez and his supposed ally/Cirie mole Matt Klotz he may target the Survivor reality TV star Cirie. For the veto competition, Jared Fields, Matt and Jag were the three other houseguests chosen to compete in the POV competition alongside Cameron, Izzy, and Felicia.

UPDATE: After over four hours of the live feeds being cut for the POV competition, after 6:30 PM EST it was revealed Jared won the POV. It’s unlikely he will use it because it would put his mom at risk. Apparently Matt picked winning a vacation as the winner of the competition and then Jared got the POV as the runner-up winner.

BB 25: Who Wins Power of Veto Competition On Week 6 & Will POV Get Used

The live feeds were down more than four hours in the middle of the day Saturday from the POV competition. If the POV did get used this week, Cameron had mentioned he’d likely backdoor Cirie or Mecole Hayes.

Izzy claimed if she wins the POV she wouldn’t use it on herself because she apparently feels safe next to Miss Felicia. She also doesn’t want to see Cirie get backdoored, so she was supposedly willing to be her shield. However, Izzy could just be hedging her bets to make sure Cirie will have her back and stay loyal if Izzy doesn’t get taken off the block. Meanwhile, Felicia was hoping Jared would win the POV. Yet, she doesn’t know that Cirie and Izzy have grown tired of her big mouth in the house. She also doesn’t know that Jared will not use the POV because it could put his mom in jeopardy of going home.

Jared not using the POV will likely make some houseguests suspicious why he didn’t help his allies. Perhaps Felicia will drop a bombshell on the house, letting everyone know Cirie and Jared are related.

Jag and Cameron were wild cards if he wins the POV. There was a good case for them using it or keeping the noms the same. Meanwhile, Matt has given complete loyalty to Cirie, so he most likely won’t use it if he wins.

Some Big Brother superfans on Twitter/X theorize Cam would use the POV competition to sow division among Mecole, Felicia, Cirie and Izzy.

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