Outlast’s Justin Court: Blacksmith Job, IG, Facebook & More

Outlast's Justin Court: Blacksmith Job, IG, Facebook & More

All Outlast’s Justin Court had to do was hold his temper for a little longer and he could have won. It wasn’t easy butting heads with the very difficult Jill Ashlock and her minion Amber Asay, however. Unfortunately, anger at being ejected from Alpha Team boiled over and he destroyed their tarp in a fit of rage. The ruthless Jill also knew that her message by arrow, cataloguing Justin’s misdeeds, would cause Team Charlie to reject him. Maybe Justin couldn’t have predicted that move by her, but after watching her scheme for a month, he should have expected hell hath no fury compared to her. If he had convinced Outlast‘s winners to accept him, he would be $250,000 richer today. After demonstrating his skill in the field, the nine-mile hike final challenge would have been tough but manageable for him.

In the end, Justin was too devilish for the relatively clean-handed Team Charlie and not compliant enough to stay on Team Alpha. Despite his shortcomings, his successful mission to rob the weakened Team Delta of their sleeping bags was well executed. Stealthing around their campsite, and even braving the freezing water, left Joel Hungate and Dawn Nelson exposed. It was instrumental in breaking their spirit and causing them to fire their flares. He also showed himself to be methodical and detail oriented when building his raft and his ghillie suit. Justin is one dangerous dude, and not to be taken lightly, but he was too much of a lone wolf to win this game. Let’s find out what we can about shifty Justin.

Outlast‘s Justin Court: Blacksmith Job, Costa Rica, Army Background & Jiu-Jitsu

Justin at the beach surfing

Justin at the beach surfing (Instagram).

Justin’s combat training gave him an edge over many competitors when it came to wilderness survival. We don’t know what rank he achieved in the Army or how long he stayed there. However, we do know that he has attained the rank of black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). His favorite place to train is the island nation of Costa Rica. He is usually affiliated with the Hero Academy BJJ school and he is always promoting training camps in the area.

Justin Court wins Jiu-Jitsu world championship title

Justin Court wins Jiu-Jitsu world championship title (Instagram).

When he’s not tapping out opponents or being tapped out, Justin makes his living as a farrier. That’s a blacksmith who specializes in horseshoes for those who wanted to learn a new word for the day. Justin also works for LeafFilter Gutter Protection, who has locations all across North America. The 44-year-old calls La Grange, Kentucky his home.

Justin loves axe and tomahawk throwing, surfing, racing horses, coffee, and combat weapons. He is proficient with knives, rifles, and shotguns. He also has a full arm sleeve tattoo.

Horse racing is one of the main things that bring him and his father closer together. However, Justin doesn’t seem to be in a romantic relationship.

Justin winning a jiu-jitsu match

Justin winning a jiu-jitsu match (Instagram).

Outlast‘s Justin Court: Instagram & Facebook

For an Outlast competitor, Justin’s IG following is impressive at 1,403 followers. He’s another avid follower of Jordan Peterson and likes to post quotes of the “hard times create strong men” variety. He also likes to mess with his trolls and haters and has the text message convos in his stories to prove it. According to Justin’s Facebook, he was raised as an Evangelical Christian and went to an Evangelical school for his early years. Interestingly for fans of the show, if you go to Justin’s FB you can see a post from Dawn asking fans to stop attacking Justin. She says she would throw a bottle of water at Justin and the other members of Alpha team if they were on fire, but she might forget to open it first.

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