Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Frankie Grande?

Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Frankie Grande?

When Ariana Grande is your half-sister, you might not even need Big Brother to be famous. But it’s the biggest understatement ever to say that Frankie Grande has never been content to be in Ariana’s shadow. The first LGBTQ+ HOH winner in show history, Frankie proved himself to be skilled at winning comps and forming alliances. During his season, 16, he was the architect of the Bomb Squad, the biggest alliance in the show’s history. Frankie’s main contribution to a BB season, be it here or overseas on Celebrity Big Brother UK, is his trademark firecracker energy. Some would say he’s obsessed with attention, but no one will ever stop asking, what happened to Frankie Grande?

What Happened To Frankie Grande? Show Controversy, Husband, Wedding, Other Shows

Frankie is one of many Big Brother contestants who’s gotten in trouble for comments made on the show while being filmed 24/7. On season 16, he said he wanted to “euthanize” his ally Zach Rance and “bathe in his blood.” He also made a rape joke towards Victoria Rafaeli on the same season. This is even weirder because Zach and Frankie were briefly in a relationship after Zach came out as bisexual. Frankie is married now, to actor Hale Leon Grande. They tied the knot on May 4, 2022 with a surprise Star Wars themed wedding gayla at The Box nightclub in NYC. They had originally planned to have their wedding at Disneyland. However, they changed the venue due to Disney refusing to speak out against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Frankie is always being brought onto BB-themed events on other shows, so it makes sense he would join Reindeer Games. He was part of the Big Brother team when they played The Price Is Right. He represented Big Brother on Candy Crush and constantly referenced BB when guesting and judging on RuPaul’s Drag Race. His drag persona, Frankini, has a career all their own, guest starring on Danger Force, Henry Danger, and Side Hustle.

What Happened To Frankie Grande? Broadway/Nightclub Perfomer Job, Philanthropy/Activism, Pet, Twitter/X, YouTube, IG, Facebook, Website

When he’s not fighting to get on every screen imaginable, Frankie is an established actor and dancer on Broadway. He has participated in productions ranging from Dora The Explorer Live to Mamma Mia to Rocky Horror and Cruel Intentions: The Musical. He’s also involved with charities that build schools in Africa, raise money to fight HIV/AIDS, and fundraise for Pride. Frankie is a well-known nightclub performer and GLAAD board chair, but his social media reach is extremely dominant. He boasts over 988,700 followers on Twitter/X  and 447,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He does maintain a Facebook page, but his biggest reach is on Instagram, where he has 2 million followers and counting.

On IG, you can see adorable pup Appa, his outrageous costumes, and even a pic with his 98 year old Nonna. He sells his merchandise at, featuring his signature pink hashtag. On January 24th, 2024, whether he wins Reindeer Games or not, Frankie will celebrate his 41st birthday. Being an Aquarius would explain a lot of Frankie’s shapeshifter personality.

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