Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 4 Recap & Fan Reactions

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 4 Recap & Fan Reactions

The Christmas chaos continues as yet another episode ended with yet another upset. No spoilers, but it’s really looking like being physically dominant is no guarantee of victory on Big Brother Reindeer GamesFans are loving these Christmas treats and wondering why we can’t have this spirit during the regular Big Brother year. As we count down to the $100,000 final showdown and Christmas, let’s go over the gameplay and moves that brought us to this point. This is our Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 4 recap.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 4: Naughty and Nice Challenge/Jingle Bell Brawl

Our Santa’s Helper for this episode was Derek Xiao once again with another mystery for the guests. Which of the rogue reindeer kidnapped Jill Frost, aka singer and American Idol mainstay Margie Mays? Once again the six remaining guests went into dash away all-mode, running around the house. Clues included clumps of hair, incriminating reindeer photos and suspicious hoofprints. Frankie was the first to identify Slasher as the culprit, giving him another Naughty and Nice challenge win.

Now Frankie had a choice to make as he was asked to pick a partner for the Jingle Bell Brawl. There would be two other pairs and Frankie could disadvantage one of them. But would picking a strong partner make things harder for Frankie like it did for Cody Calafiore? Frankie decided to split the difference between allies Nicole and Britney and go with Taylor, thinking the losers would go to Santa’s Showdown. That way, his ally could eliminate one of his enemies without him having to get his hands dirty. Taylor was not happy about being chosen but went with it, and the other two pairs were Xavier/Nicole and Britney/Josh. We also had some more male/female tension as Nicole and Britney didn’t want mixed teams.

The rules of the Brawl were simple for this episode. Pack your team’s sleigh with puzzle-piece gifts, and Frankie could freeze one other pair for 45 seconds anytime he wanted. In the end it was Britney and Josh’s inability to work together that caused them to end up in last place. This happened even after Frankie froze Xavier and Nicole. But, it wasn’t as simple as the last place team automatically went to the Showdown. Instead, Frankie and Taylor could pick one player from each of the other teams. Everyone got to make their pitches while Taylor and Frankie debated. Taylor’s dual loyalties put her in a tough spot, but when Xavier promised to help her against Frankie, her choice was secured.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 4: Santa’s Showdown

Taylor betrayed the women’s alliance by picking Nicole, while Frankie protected Britney by picking Josh. On paper this made the Santa’s Showdown a very lopsided match between tiny Nicole and hulking Josh. Nicole cried in the Diary Room even though Taylor tried to smooth things over by telling Nicole she believes in her. Luckily for Nicole the Showdown was a test of endurance rather than strength. Who could hold onto a spinning candy cane the longest? It turned into a mini-Pressure Cooker with the canes slowing down and speeding up randomly. Everyone was watching with their hands over their faces for an hour as the two houseguests held on for dear life. And then, at almost the same time, both Nicole and Josh lost their grip and fell to the floor!

It was so close that they actually had to do a photo finish to see who landed first. It turned out that Josh was the unlucky houseguest here, so he had to go home and got an ugly Christmas sweater for his trouble. But the bigger story was the collapse of the women’s alliance and the fact that Nicole would be out for revenge next time!

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