Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Reunion: Why Fans Think Bravo Isn’t Making One

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Reunion: Why Fans Think Bravo Isn't Making One

Below Deck Down Under season 2 fans are speculating there won’t be a reunion to address all the drama that took place on superyacht Northern Sun and locations in Cairns, Australia. There’s certainly lots to talk about and issues to resolve. Fired Bosun Luke Jones getting naked and joining a incapacitated stewardess Margot Sisson would definitely need to be addressed. Along with fired Second Stewardess Laura Bileskalne‘s nonchalant attitude towards the situation. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg, with all the boatmances that need closure. So, why do fans believe the Below Deck Down Under season 2 reunion isn’t getting produced by Bravo?

First off, Bravo promoted Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4’s reunion and Below Deck Med season 7’s reunion before the finales aired. By Monday evening of the BDDU season 2 finale, Bravo still hadn’t announced any reunion episode. BDDU season 2 aired two episodes per week, so it would’ve made sense to do a two-parter reunion, airing the first episode right after. Bravo could’ve aired the second part before Below Deck Med season 8‘s premiere at 9 PM EST next Monday.

Some fans are still holding out hope Bravo will announce and air a BDDU season 2 reunion next week at 8 PM EST before the Below Deck Med season 8 premiere.

Why Fans Think Bravo Didn’t Make A Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Reunion

A lot of Below Deck fans believe Andy Cohen doesn’t prioritize reunions for the Below Deck franchises because he cares much more about the Real Housewives franchises. Fans have gotten the impression Cohen doesn’t actually watch the seasons based on his questions on the reunions and lack of follow up questions to grill the crews. BDDU season 2 was no different. After the finale, Cohen didn’t even know which season of BDDU just finished airing when he interviewed Captain Jason Chambers and Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott on Watch What Happens Live right after the finale.

Below Deck viewers also have had several other seasons without reunions, setting a precedent that sometimes a reunion isn’t made. Below Deck season 10 didn’t get a reunion, despite being a ratings success with plenty of drama. In that case, fans believe Bravo opted not to air the laundry of the season after drama between co-stars Ben Willoughby and Leigh-Ann Smith erupted on social media. Fans dragged Ben for living with Leigh-Ann in Florida and then ghosting her. Ben was casted for Below Deck season 11, so fans speculate they didn’t want too much scrutiny placed on him. The official excuse was there were too many scheduling conflicts.

Fans believe the same sort of reasons could be behind Bravo not making a Below Deck Down Under season 2 reunion episode.

“I think Luke and Laura are the exact reasons they aren’t having the reunion. I think Legal would have to be too involved this season,” one superfan postulated on Reddit. “Yeah but Below Deck is known for skipping reunions especially when things like this happen,” the fan added after others suggested they could just not invite Laura and Luke.

“I’m thinking no — just saw that Andy tweeted asking for questions for Aesha and Jason as they’ll be on an upcoming WWHL. So likely just the two of them on the Monday show after the finale.”

So, too much controversy may be the reason Bravo skips making another reunion episode for a Below Deck season. Expect many fans to be furious if it’s the case.

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