Perfect Match’s Izzy: THTH Star’s IG, Job, Age & Much More

Perfect Match's Izzy: THTH Star's IG, Job, Age & Much More

Perfect Match‘s Izzy Fairthorne spent her time on the show in quite the tizzy. She was brought into the absolute Thunderdome that is the Perfect Match Panama villa to throw The Circle‘s Nick Uhlenhuth a lifeline. That got Nick and fellow The Circle alumni Savannah Palacio out of their boring partnership of convenience. But Nick and his overthinking scheming meant he couldn’t leave well enough alone, and Izzy was soon looking for someone more stable and secure. What she got was the king of hate-sinks himself, Mr. Love Is Blind season 3‘s Bartise Bowden. Fan-described Barfbag ate dirt later on, but before he did he left Izzy high and dry for The Circle France‘s gorgeous Ines Tazi.

This is getting to be quite the pattern on Perfect Match and for Netflix reality in general. The more together and less of a situation you appear to be, the less of a chance you seem to have of winning. Izzy, a finalist on season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, was one of the wild children of that season. Who could forget her kiss with caring midwife Georgia Hassarati? However, Izzy’s unwillingness to be taken lightly worked against her in this environment. Refusing to take advantage of the men didn’t help her either. We’d love to believe her friend Georgia’s feelings for lovelorn The Mole‘s Dom Gabriel are genuine. However, Georgia gets to piss off Francesca and feel safe in Dom’s embrace, which may be the bigger upsides for her. Now, what are some of Izzy’s upsides?

Izzy working at her personal trainer job

Izzy working at her personal trainer job (Instagram).

Perfect Match’s Izzy: Hockey and Soccer Hobby, Trainer Job, Age & Zodiac Sign

Pefect Match's Izzy playing field hockey

Pefect Match‘s Izzy playing field hockey (Instagram).

Hailing from Cheltenham in the UK, Izzy is super young at 23 years-old. Plenty of time to recover from this experience! Her birthday of March 16th makes her a Pisces, which means she will appreciate someone who cares about her deeply.

Looking good is easy for Izzy, because she’s a personal trainer for Hi Fitness. Her specialty is weight loss training for women. She also loves to spend time on the soccer pitch and even playing field hockey. (Apparently ice hockey isn’t that much of a thing in the UK.)  She apparently played for a teenage team out of Wales, but this is by no means a professional thing.

Izzy Faithorne looking stunning in a designer dress

Izzy Fairthorne looking stunning in a designer dress (Instagram).

Perfect Match‘s Izzy: Instagram, Tiktok and Cameo

Izzy Faithorne shows off her fit physique

Izzy Fairthorne shows off her fit physique (Instagram).

Izzy’s Instagram features lots of two things: fitness and outfits. You know what you’re getting with this fitness/fashion influencer! Her business bestie Hollie May is the other half of the Hi Fitness duo, but she always flies solo on her personal account. She’s accumulated 219,000 followers and isn’t slowing down. According to Izzy’s Cameo, a reasonable $30 will get you a video.

Izzy recently did an IG Q&A and said she got to see all of the cast members from the show, so it looks like we may get a Perfect Match reunion episode.

Izzy’s TikTok features lots of two things: fitness and outfits. OK, this 127,000 account isn’t as tightly controlled in sharing parts of her life. She’s also showing off her hair routine and joking about her time on the show. But her single-minded dedication is obvious if this is the window into her life she wishes to open! Looks like Izzy’s got a good sense of humor about getting sent packing early on Perfect Match, anyway.

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