Below Deck’s LaQuisha: Fans Bash Rude Charter Guest

Below Deck's LaQuisha: Fans Bash Rude Charter Guest

Below Deck season 10 charter guest Laquisha Kesha Martinez Carter is getting dragged online for her behavior aboard superyacht St. David. LaQuish joined other charter guests in Saint Lucia to celebrate Primary Charter Guest Laura Kutryb winning Mrs. Classic Universe. From the very beginning, Below Deck‘s LaQuisha began barking orders at Chief Steward Fraser Olender and testing Chef Rachel Hargrove‘s patience.

LaQuish, or “La[bleep]” according to stew Hayley De Sola Pinto, demanded to turkey club sandwiches on the first day as snacks. The first turkey club she asked for before lunch she didn’t even touch.

On top of that, she began tapping her silverware together and banging on the table yelling “LUNCH!” while not waiting to be served. LaQuisha then pulled Fraser aside the first night to request 24-karat gold foil to be added to her steak dinner the second night and her second turkey club of the day.

“You know I’m the greedy guest. So I’m going to need another turkey sandwich tonight. You can wrap it up and put it in my room. And a Sprite. And tomorrow, with the steak, I would like 24-karat on my steak,” LaQuisha demanded from Fraser. She then demanded to sleep on the couch because her estate room was too creepy and too closed.

“LaQuish is acting like such a little brat. She’s supposed to be this beauty queen and be like prim and proper and all poised,” Said deckhand-stew Tyler Walker. “I really thought she’d have at least a little more class. Clearly not true.”

LaQuisha, age 42 while on the show, was a Mrs. Georgia Classic Universe World Finals 2023 Contestant. LaQuisha is a consultant offering staffing payroll, income taxes, furniture store, flipping homes, personal care home, starting businesses, and private servers.

Below Deck‘s LaQuisha Gets Roasted By Fans As Rude & Tackey Charter Guest

LaQuisha obnoxiously yelling for lunch on the first day

LaQuisha obnoxiously yelling for lunch on the first day (Bravo).

Fans had no time for LaQuisha’s prima donna attitude.

“I wasn’t bothered by the sandwich but sleeping in the salon was really rude. That is a public area, the crew needs to work there, other guests may want to gather there — and they all have to tiptoe around her?” said one Below Deck fan on Reddit.

“Her shouting for lunch was so gross,” another chimed in.

“Her behavior was so embarrassing. And she’s not even the primary guest,” another Below Deck superfan added.

Meanwhile, the gold-encrusted steak LaQuisha ordered looks divine in the eipsode 14’s preview.

Below Deck fans on Twitter were no more forgiving.

LaQuisha joked about her demanding behavior on her Instagram with a turkey club meme.

“There’s this new fad that’s going around where people are doing Delmonico bone-in steak with with encrusted 24-karat gold as if it’s a good idea to eat that much gold. It’s like if you took a turn and you just wrapped it in gold foil. It’s like a Faberge egg, you know, presented to your friends… Literally decadent [bleep],” Chef Rachel explained of LaQuisha excessive luxury request.

LaQuisha's gold-encrusted steak with grilled shrimp on top

LaQuisha’s 24-karat gold-encrusted steak with grilled shrimp on top (Bravo).

Things are only going to get more wild with unruly charter guest LaQuisha. At the end of episode 13 LaQuisha demanded more towels and said, “How am I supposed to wash my Hello Kitty without any towels?” Below Deck season 10’s episode 14 preview’s description says LaQuisha’s antics don’t die down the latter part of the charter.

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