Perfect Match’s Francesca: THTH Star’s IG, TikTok, Job & More

Perfect Match's Francesca: THTH Star's IG, TikTok, Job & More

Perfect Match’s Francesca Farago (Too Hot To Handle season 1) is chaos personified. We have a hard time believing her act isn’t evidence the show is scripted.  Some people may not know that she was in a relationship before the show started with trans actor Jesse Sullivan. Sullivan is reportedly unable to watch Perfect Match which makes him smarter than the rest of us. Francesca has already broken Dom Gabriel‘s (The Mole) heart by ditching him for Love is Blind alumnus Damian Powers.

Damian is another one of her exes, who ended his stormy relationship with Giannina Gibelli (Love Is Blind) to be with her. Currently on the show, she is matched with Twentysomethings wild child Abbey Humphreys. She’s had epic feuds with Savannah Palacio (The Circle) and Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle) on the show while trying to sabotage Dom after she ruthlessly dumped him for Damian. Oh yeah, she also dumped Damain, too.

Femme fatale Francesca and Georgia share an ex, Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey, so the bad blood was already there. Apparently, Jowsey proposed to Francesca with a ring pop. If that wasn’t enough, Francesca has turned Kariselle Snow (Sexy Beasts) into her puppet. Was she behind Kariselle’s hyping up of Ines Tazi to try and break up Dom and Georgia? It’s just another way Francesca keeps everyone guessing. Game of Thrones has nothing on this Canadian (we thought Canadians were supposed to be nice, eh?)! Francesca is reportedly very unhappy at how the show makes her look, even though she was the one who brought Damian into the villa.

At least the utterly shameless Francesca is being praised for helping with LGBTQ+ representation and people in her native Canada are proud of her. While we can be pretty sure that Francesca didn’t find her Perfect Match, because in her mind no one’s as hot as she, here’s what else makes Francesca a more noteworthy Netflix reality TV star personality.

Perfect Match’s Francesca: Age, Influencer/Model Job, Pets, Vegan Diet

Francesca modeling an outfit

Francesca modeling an outfit (Instagram).

The 30-year-old Francesca is aware of her villain status, and chalks it up to confidence instilled in her by her mom. She’s certainly brave enough to launch her own line of bikinis, which she has no trouble at all showing off on her bikini ware business’s website. And while she is fairly bloodthirsty, she’s a proud vegan, and posts delicious looking dishes all over her social media. She has two pups that she dotes on a ton, a Husky named Loki and a Pomeranian named Romeo. Francesca also works fulltime as an influencer, making tens of thousands of dollars for just one sponsored post.

Perfect Match’s Francesca: YouTube, TikTok, & Instagram

Francesca showing off yet another outfit as a fashion influencer and businesswoman

Francesca showing off yet another outfit as a fashion influencer and businesswoman (Instagram).

Francesca’s Instagram has an absolutely insane 5.8 million followers. That’s the largest count of any reality star we’ve covered. It consists mostly exclusively of her wearing different outfits and kissing Jesse Sullivan. Then we have Francesca’s YouTube, which has only a few videos even though she is listed as a “YouTuber” on several searches.  She does admit to plastic surgery in one video on her 303,000 follower YouTube account, in case it wasn’t obvious. Finally, rounding out the PG content is Francesca’s TikTok, with a slightly less insane 3, 500,000 followers.

Francesca caused controversy when she crashed the first After The Altar special for Love Is Blind season 1. Damian oddly brought her as a plus-one when still dating Giannina. The whole night ended in catastrophe and ex engaged couple Damian and Giannina’s relationship never recovered.

Now fans are wondering if Francesca and Damian end up together after Perfect Match. They certainly deserve each other.

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