BDSY Fans Convinced Daisy Loves Gary & Obsessed

BDSY Fans Convinced Daisy Loves Gary & Obsessed

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 viewers are concerned Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher is still head-over-heels in love with womanizing First Officer Gary King. The Irish firecracker Daisy claims she’s more interested in Chief Engineer Colin MacRae. But fans believe her body language and actions tell a different tale. Throughout their time working in Sardinia, Italy, Daisy let Gary flirt with her mercilessly. She let him get quite touchy, too. Even after Colin was upset to find out she slept with Gary in the past, Daisy let Gary hit on her. To fans, Daisy doth protest too little to Gary’s swashbuckling moves.

Below Deck‘s subreddit blew up with fans shocked by Daisy’s behavior towards Gary and Colin. Viewers are convinced she’s obsessed with the South African philanderer.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Fans Can’t Believe Daisy Loves Gary When He’s Such A Creep

Daisy wishing Gary a happy birthday by posting a picture of them together in her home city of London

Daisy wishing Gary a happy birthday by posting a picture of them together in her home city of London (Instagram).

“She allows Gary’s extreme [public displays of affection] because she is so attracted to [Gary] and eats it up when he is showering her with attention. Gary is not breaking up Colin and Daisy because Colin and Daisy are not going to work out all on their own,” said user JaniceRossi.

“She has literally had front row seats for two seasons to watch him [bleep] around with girls and [bleep] with their heads, pretty much always more than one at a time and she still fell for it! How it affected friendships, boat dynamics, work performance, everything. It drove her nuts and now she is living it. Monday night I literally yelled out ‘What the hell are you doin Daisy?!'” said another fan disappointed in Kelliher’s apparent helplessness in rejecting Gary’s apparently irresistible charm.

Fans have called Gary a creepy older guy now when he’s chasing women ten years younger than him. The 34-year-old dated and hooked up with stewardess Mads Herrera, then 24, throughout the season. Despite Daisy being 35 at the time (turning 36 recently), it appears Mads was wiser. She called Gary a man-child and clingy. She also shatters his fragile big ego later in the season when she jumps boatmance ships and hooks up with deckhand Alex Propson.

“I honestly think that Daisy thought she had more of a connection to Gary than any of the other girls. They were friends and have worked together quite a few times. With always being flirty friends and knowing him for a while she probably thought he was actually being sincere about wanting more with her. Sadly he just played her like everyone else, he just played the long game with Daisy which is even more of a head[bleep] for her and this is why she is struggling between Gary and Colin,” another astute fan chimed in on Reddit.

Daisy Still Showing Signs She Isn’t Over Gary After BDSY Season 4 Ended

Daisy and Gary at BravoCon 2022 in New York City

Daisy and Gary at BravoCon 2022 in New York City (Instagram).

Gary also guilt-tripped Daisy on the show. He made her feel bad for his friendship with Colin deteriorating.

Unfortunately for fans, Daisy appears to still be gaga for Gary. She’s still posting pictures of the two together with kissy emojis since the show filmed. She also said Watch What Happens Live she was more mad at Colin than Gary for making her think Gary wouldn’t mind if they dated. She also hung out with Gary at BravoCon 2022 in October and the two still appeared close.

In an E! News interview back in April Daisy confirmed she was mostly single. Some think it may be alluding to a friends-with-benefits situationship with Gary.

“Yeah, pretty much. There’s no exclusive labels, lets put it that way.”

“You know the door is always open with Daisy and I. I’m not going to say no because I can’t,” Gary said on podcast Virtual Reali-Tea back in April. “But one thing I can say is we live two very different lives. Where she lives in the UK and I live in Spain, which isn’t too far away from each other. I’m not saying that the doors closed or the chapter is closed, but we never know what happens in the future. I think Daisy is a very special person and we’re still very good friends, we still chat regularly, so who knows what the future holds for us.”

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