Alex From Below Deck Sailing Yacht: All Fans Need To Know

Alex From Below Deck Sailing Yacht: All Fans Need To Know

Move over First Officer Gary King, there’s a new hunk aboard Parsifal III on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4. Alex Propson is fairly new to the yachting industry, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in charm and enthusiasm. The model and world traveler flew under the radar compared to his fellow, more seasoned, deckhand Chase Lemacks, who took all of Gary’s flack. He certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the interior crew, though. Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and stews Lucy Edmunds and Mads Herrera all fancied the look of the tall, dark and handsome deckie. Here’s everything viewers need to know about Alex from Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Deckhand Alex: Instagram, Birthday, Age, Travel, Home Town, Jobs

Reality TV star Alex with his pet Dalmatian Mali

Reality TV star Alex with his pet Dalmatian dog, Mali (Instagram).

Alex’s Instagram reveals the “Nauti Man” works as a model on top of getting into the boating industry in 2019. Before moving to South Florida, he lived in LA for several years where he worked in sales and real estate, per his LinkedIn. Alex grew up on a farm in Appleton, Wisconsin and studied business administration at the University of Wisconsin in his home state. After finishing his studies, Alex set out to become more worldly, traveling all over the globe.

Alex catching a wave while surfing

Alex catching a wave while surfing (Instagram).

Alex’s social media shows he’s traveled to Shanghai, China, London, England, throughout much of Thailand, the Maldives, Jamaica, Hawaii, South Africa, Bali, Indonesia, Venice, Italy, Rome, Greece, and Turkey. The seasoned backpacker also took an incredible trip a few years back to several of America’s stunning national parks alongside his pet Dalmatian dog Mali and ex girlfriend. The trip included exploring Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Badlands National Park, and Mount Rainier National Park.

More recently, he visited Joshua Tree National Park in California on a road trip alongside Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 co-stars Chef Ileisha Dell, Mads, and Chase.

After moving to Florida, Alex successfully became a 100 ton boat captain’s license, which is a tiny boat compared to a superyacht. He’s also a licensed yacht broker. Perhaps Below Deck season 1 First Officer Aleks Taldykin has work for him.

Alex’s birthday is on or around July 28, which makes his zodiac sign Leo. This explains his confidence and outgoing nature. Alex’s exact age is undisclosed on his social media, but he finished college in 2017, so he’s likely in his mid to late twenties.

After the show aired, he’s spent a lot of time hanging out with Chase, helping him refurbish the sailboat he bought. He also started shopping for a houseboat for himself, likely using all the BDSY season 4 tip money he made. Although he only made out with Mads in the finale episode of BDSY season 4, fans suspect he lowkey dated Lucy on the show.

BDSY Deckhand Alex’s Dog, Personality, Hobbies & Starring In Bravo’s Winter House

Alex's ex girlfriend on a road trip with his and his dog back in the day

Alex’s ex girlfriend on a road trip with his dog back in the day (Instagram).

“I’m kind of a socially charged person, so my energy sometimes comes from other people. I would say I’m empathetic and tough to read,” Alex explained on BDSY season 4. Apparently he’s used to dating fellow models in the past, before pursuing stewardess Mads on Parsifal III while working in Sardinia, Italy.

Alex scuba diving

Alex scuba diving (Instagram).

He previously volunteered at a sea turtle sanctuary, practices meditating and yoga, and loves playing basketball, surfing and scuba diving.

Alex with his best buddy, his Dalmatian Mali

Alex with his best buddy, his Dalmatian Mali (Instagram).

Alex’s closes companion is his pet Dalmatian Mali, who’s unfortunately deaf. He bought he as a adorable puppy several years ago and the two have been pretty inseparable ever since.

Alex modeling for the camera

Alex modeling for the camera (Instagram).

Alex apparently is going all-in as a reality TV star. A Page Six report suggests he’s going to star in a new season of Bravo’s Winter House. Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney liked his look upon learning he’s supposed to be on the spinoff show. Alex was spotted near the filming location for Winter House season 3. It’s since be confirmed he will star on the show.

Alex celebrating his birthday

Alex celebrating his birthday (Instagram).

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