BDSY: Captain Glenn’s Height Explained

BDSY: Captain Glenn's Height Explained

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans keep wondering about just how tall (or short, rather) Captain Glenn Shephard stands. Chief Engineer Colin MacRae and First Officer Gary King are pretty short guys, too, but even they stand higher than the beloved BDSY captain. Captain Glenn’s height doesn’t really matter, of course, because his positive, gregarious, shrewd and hard-working nature have won him many adoring fans and helped him rise to the top of the sailing superyacht world. His stature in status as a superyacht captain certainly surpasses anything one’s height could provide. Yet, the nagging question about his height still remains for many viewers.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Captain Glenn’s Height Explained

Captain Glenn embracing his Chief Enginer Colin MacRae on BDSY season 4

Captain Glenn embracing his Chief Enginer Colin MacRae on BDSY season 4 (Bravo).

Captain Glenn’s height is 5’5″ because he stands a couple inches shorter than Colin and Gary. Those two stand at around 5’7″.

Captain Glenn’s height is almost the same as Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher whenever they stand next to each other on the show. Despite his shortness, Captain Glenn has many women wanting to date the 62-year-old Canadian. Fans were sad to find out Captain Glenn has been secretly dating Puerto Rican beauty Danelis “Dani” Jiminez.

“And just like that, hearts are broken all over the world. Mine included. Captain Glenn you are such a sweetheart,” said one fan upon finding out the news he’s taken.

Captain Glenn takes being short in stride, even joking about it in the comments when asked his girlfriend is taller than him. He claims they’re the same height.

Despite being on the shorter side, Captain Glenn’s outsized personality looms large in the yachting world. He only started working in the superyachting world when he was age 41. He didn’t let his age or height get in the way of him rising up the ranks. He’s now a celebrity superyacht captain who owns his own sailboat and sports cars he uses to travel around the world with his stunning girlfriend.

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