Love Is Blind: What Happened To Tiffany & Brett After Show

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Tiffany & Brett After Show

One month has passed since Love Is Blind Season 4 fans watched alpha couple said yes and endured the horrific reunion. Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown have had nothing but wedded bliss since the show wrapped. It’s hard to find a single hater or critic of this reality show success story. There are still jokes about Tiffany’s inopportune snooze in the pods and Brett’s overly loose pants on his wedding day. Aside from that it’s 100% love for Brett and Tiffany at this stage, a year into marriage. We don’t have a lot of drama or struggles to share with you, and until After The Altar for Love is Blind season 4 drops we only have social media glimpses into their life and interview comments. With that in mind, we can take a look at what happened to Tiffany and Brett after Love is Blind?

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Tiffany And Brett? Big Moves & Honeymoons

Brett, Tiffany, Zack and Bliss hanging out together after starring on Love Is Blind season 4

Brett, Tiffany, Zack and Bliss hanging out together after starring on Love Is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

There were questions about how the very bougie Brett and the sometimes extra Tiffany would handle living together. Brett hadn’t lived with anyone prior to falling in love with Tiffany. And while fans adored his neat apartment it was a very controlled space. There was also the question of Brett being based in Portland while Tiffany was mostly in Seattle. Other couples, such as Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin, experienced tension over the possible long distance and possibility of moving. However just like everything else, Brett and Tiffany appear to have solved this problem with grace. Tiffany, who mostly works from home anyway, was able to relocate and be with Brett in Portland. And yes, there is enough space in their living place for all of Brett’s shoes and Tiffany’s outfits.

Brett and Tiffany on their honeymoon in Mexico

Brett and Tiffany on their honeymoon in Mexico (Instagram).

Brett and Tiffany went on vacation after the wild ride of being on a reality TV show, and have gone to places like Cabo San Lucas for their honeymoon. Brett wrote a sweet caption about it on his Instagram.

The couple also took trips to Miami, NYC and Colombia. However if you glance at their socials you will see that even on vacation they are constantly showing off their clothes, custom sneakers, and each other. The part of their relationship that fans love the most is how Brett and Tiffany are constantly talking about how lucky they are to have found one another and always respecting each other immensely. They’ve also taken the time to visit family. We saw Brett’s family on the show, and Tiffany went to see them in North Carolina. Brett also paid a visit to Tiffany’s family in Houston, Texas.

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Tiffany And Brett? Online Interviews

Brett and Love Is Blind season 1 star Cameron Hamilton hanging out

Brett and Love Is Blind season 1 star Cameron Hamilton hanging out (Instagram).

On an interview with Extra TV, Brett and Tiffany talked about getting back into the real world as a couple. Brett reveals that he wasn’t sure at first how to show up for Tiffany, wondering about how to show affection to her on a regular basis. Tiffany says her biggest challenge was figuring out how to integrate their two busy schedules into one. FOX 13 Seattle  interviewed Tiffany (and Micah Lussier) and they laughed about Tiffany’s infamous nap. Tiffany may have gotten exhausted dealing with the show’s brutal filming conditions, but she didn’t go into all of that. Tiffany reveals that Brett’s forwardness was a big turn-on, compared to guys from Seattle (guess it’s a Portland thing). She also talks about how her family and her friends are the main thing that keeps her grounded despite all the fame.

Tiffany and Bliss participated in a longer and more recent interview with Off The Vine with Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristow. Tiffany said that Micah was most likely to go on another reality show. Paul would be most likely to delete his social media. Zack and Josh Demas were suggested as people who would fight trolls, while Paul would be most likely to slide into another cast member’s DM. Zack would be most likely to delete his Google search history, and Chelsea Green Appiah would be the person to Facetime you at 1 AM the night of. Looks like Tiff really understands her cast members, because it’s very hard to dispute any of those picks. However, Tiffany has said that she has experienced a little bit of online hate, and that she is an ENFP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting personality).

Fans also noted that Tiffany’s LinkedIn shows she parted ways with Amazon at the start of 2023. Some suspect she might have been laid off in one of the waves of job cuts in the tech world. Meanwhile Brett’s still the Nike director of immersive design.

Tiffany reveals that she sometimes finds herself unintentionally color-matching with Brett. She defended Vanessa Lachey’s baby-mania at the reunion in a kind way. Tiffany didn’t give any hints if her and Brett are interested in trying to have kids any time soon. She also empathized with Kwame’s relocation angst. In fact, this is a big reason for her teary breakdown during the show! All in all, Tiffany and Brett are crushing it and the only question is whether they are the best couple ever.

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Tiffany And Brett? Brand #Brettany

Brett and Tiffany, age 37, are already doing well enough financially but everyone wants to bask in their very public love. They are not shy about anything, as we can remember how the show actually showed them getting intimate and pulled away at the last second. Fanpage “Brettandtiff” on IG boasts over 20,800 followers with only 46 posts. Brett himself has acknowledged some of the interesting shoe designs this page has come up with. Tiffany’s outfits are also being featured, and fans can copy her eye-popping looks if they so choose. But, the account also compiled little moments of them looking at one another with pure affection, or Tiffany giving Brett, 36, a temple massage after a tough day. We’ve also got @tiffany_and_brett , where it’s just appreciation posts and compilations of clips.

#Brettany have also been partnering with sports teams to bring some reality show energy to the games. This YouTube video shows LIBS4 cast members Marshall Glaze, Kwame Appiah, Amber Wilder, and JP Schultz showing up to the Seattle Seahawks draft along with Tiffany and Brett. The LA Lakers basketball team also hosted Brett and Tiffany, courtesy of Netflix, on their one year anniversary. Brett’s account shows them at a Seattle Mariners game alongside Kwame, Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski and her husband Zack Goytowski. They thank the Mariners though it’s not clear whether this was a Netflix sponsorship. Even though the new NHL team Seattle Kraken made it far in the playoffs, there’s no #Brettany content there. Guess Brett and Tiffany aren’t hockey fans.


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