Jewish Matchmaking: What Happened To Dani, David & Shaun After

Jewish Matchmaking: What Happened To Dani, David & Shaun After

Jewish Matchmaking had more than its share of interesting singles and couples. There was also something approaching a love triangle on the show. Miami princess Dani Bergman was between local David Behar and Hawaii-based Shaun Civin. After David stupidly disrespected Dani by missing her birthday, she broke up with him. She also shot down his painful-to-watch request for some pre-Shabbat action. With that door mercifully closed, fans naturally wondered whether Dani and Shaun would reconnect. However, given the distance between them (a common problem for Jewish Matchmaking couples) the two of them appear not to have moved forward. Now that the show is over, is there anything new going on in these three highly eligible singles’ lives? Let’s investigate with Jewish Matchmaking: Dani, David, and Shaun- What Happened?

Jewish Matchmaking: What Happened To Dani – Hats Off To Her

Since her appearance on Jewish Matchmaking, Dani has done a tell-all interview alongside Cindy Seni for Hey Alma. She recounts entering her bat mitzvah on a white horse out in California wine country, which is classically Dani. She also shares a bit more about her Jewish upbringing and that her early life was more religious than it is now. Dani wants to keep Judaism in her life, even when she has to eat shrimp for her social media marketing job.

In addition to her popular makeup tutorials and telling fans the story behind her jewelry, Dani’s got a new hustle with her Hectic baseball caps. Importantly, she was wearing a Hectic hat during the breakup scene with David at Gulfstream Park racetrack. You can make the call as to whether this moment now belongs in the fake and scripted category. (Who breaks up with someone at a racetrack anyway?) Dani will be at a Jewish Matchmaking event in the Upper East Side of NYC on May 17th if any fans want to meet her and much of the rest of the cast.

Jewish Matchmaking: David Dodges Drama

What Happened to David After Jewish Matchmaking

Rather than pretend it never happened, David has embraced his Jewish Matchmaking appearance. He actually took the stage at a watch party and spoke about challenges growing up and how his faith carried him through. Based on the hoodie he was wearing, this event took place at the Miami Sephardic Club, the venue he talked about on the show. While he thanked Dani for the laughs, he also featured a YouTube video from reviewer Tait’s Take. Tait does go in a bit on Dani’s brow obsession, and needing her man to be obsessed with her. You’ll also find an exchange on David’s IG  between David and Shaun. They appear to be very cool with each other despite dating the same woman. So, is there some sly attempt to get back at Dani for the embarrassing scene on the show?

Jewish Matchmaking: The Shaun Abides

What Happened to Shaun After Jewish Matchmaking

Blond haired surfer man Shaun has departed the beach for a family trip to NYC. He may run into the Jewish Matchmaking crew there, or he may be invited to the event on the 17th. His brother Jared may not have been able to join the family as he appears to be Photoshopped into a photo on Shaun’s IG. However, that’s not the biggest news about Shaun, because right before departure he featured a photograph of himself with vlogger and comedian (?) Katie Schmidt. Katie is obviously all into Shaun based on her heart-eye emoji comment under Shaun’s pic. She also features pictures of Shaun on her IG. They look to have been dating not too long after filming for the show ended in the summer of 2022.

We wish the couple the very best.

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