Love is Blind’s Brett: IG, Nike Designer Job, Age, Birthday & More

Love is Blind's Brett: IG, Nike Designer Job, Age, Birthday & More

Love Is Blinds Brett Brown made it through the pod selection process in season 4 and ends up proposing (no spoilers here, but we’ll mention who he’s with at the end). He’s arguably the male contestant with the most screen time in the trailer. We see him shirtless at the pool party and sharing his heart in the pods. We also see him piloting a seaplane and standing with his tie untied during wedding prep. However, Brett says, “She didn’t show up for the wedding dress fitting,” and “This should not happen.” Who could Brett’s partner be, and what could the trigger for the trouble be? My guess is that Brett connects with Tiffany Pennywell, as she seems to be the one with the most insecurity. Or maybe Brett, who wants a “successful, independent, and fearless” woman, is asking too much? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, let’s get to know Love Is Blind season 4‘s Brett some more.

Love Is Blind‘s Brett: Age, Nike Job, Website, Zodiac, Vacations, Education, Hometown

Brett Brown showing off his sweet ride

Brett Brown showing off his sweet BMW ride (Instagram).

Obviously, Brett’s proudly the Director of Immersive Design for Nike. On Brett’s website, you can see some of the wild shoe designs he’s come up with. Additionally, Brett’s Linkedin says he’s worked for bigtime video game developer Electronic Arts as well as footwear designers Cole Haan. The super creative Brett brings his digital animation experience to the world of clothing design. Significantly, Designer Director Brett learned his trade at the Living Arts College at the School for Digital Arts. He loves photography and uniquely, his social media is filled with portraits of other models and people. He’ll photograph his own father or up-and-coming models. He’s also the only cast member to hail from Portland, Oregon, but he has also spent time in the very small town of Riegelwood, North Carolina. Almost all of the cast live in Seattle.

Brett enjoying a swim at a resort

Brett enjoying a swim at a resort while on vacation (Instagram).

36-year-old Brett loves to travel the cultural capitals of Europe. He took in the great works of art in Paris and bathed in the waters of Switzerland. He was awed by the architecture in Rome and drank in the street life in Florence. He’s also visited the Netherlands, hung out in Montreal, Quebec Canada, and traveled to Tampa Bay to take in Super Bowl LI (51). Evidently, Brett’s birthday is November the 13th, which explains his single-minded, lone wolf Scorpio energy.

Love Is Blind’s Brett: Instagram, Podcasts, Political Activism

Brett wearing designer shades and luxury watch appears to do quite well for himself

Brett wearing designer shades and luxury watch appears to do quite well for himself (Instagram).

Brett’s Instagram reflects his photography and his activism, but not so much about the man himself. Being a Nike guy, it’s no surprise he is a big supporter of controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick. He also visibly displays #BLM messaging and contributes to several podcasts. These include Wacom’s “Why We Create” Podcast and the Opening Presence with Aaron Robinson. His personal link collection also features Flowers for Black Elders, which spotlights Black artists in the Pacific Northwest. Brett demonstrated his skill lighting Black skin with his contributions to this exhibit. Brett has a bit of a nature guy streak to him, and loves being out in the snow, on the beach, or hiking up mountains.

Brett’s a deep and interesting guy and seems very genuine. We can’t wait to see what his journey through the pods looks like. Find out about the rest of the Love Is Blind season 4 cast members here.

Brett proposes to Tiffany Pennywell in the pods and the two appear to have a very strong connection. Can they make it all the way to the altar though?

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