Below Deck’s Camille Defends Her Work Ethic & Attitude In Q&A

Below Deck's Camille Defends Her Work Ethic & Attitude In Q&A

Below Deck season 10 star Camille Lamb is taking a lot of flack from fans of the yachting reality TV show. Viewers have been dragging Camille all season for her laziness and bad work attitude throughout the charter season. Now Below Deck‘s Camille is giving her side of the story and defending the hostile attitude she gave Second Stewardess Alissa Humber on superyacht St. David. The Mississippi native now living in Florida did an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday, the day after Below Deck season 10’s episode seven aired on Bravo.

Below Deck‘s Camille Says She Worked Hard Like Everyone Else On Show

Below Deck Season 10 Star Camille Lamb Talks About Her Portrayal On Show

Camille answered fans questions about her attitude and work ethic during the show on her Instagram stories (Instagram).

The former American Idol contestant and current Below Deck season 10 crew member skating on thin ice on the show answered fans biggest questions for the star.

“Do you feel like the show represented your conflicts with Alissa fairly?” one fan asked.

“Before I start this, I know I’m going to get so much slack for being the victim. I’m not the victim. I’m going to call it how I see it. I have an attitude to someone who speaks down to me every time they speak to me. Because it gets old,” Camille said about her talking back and condescending tone towards Alissa.

“Yes [the conflicts between Alissa were accurate] because they go down how you see them. And no because there’s a lot more context you don’t see. Yes my attitude does get very old. And it’s annoying to see me with an attitude all the time. Although she never spoke correctly to me, ever,” she continued.

Another Below Deck fan asked if Camille agreed with the crew and viewers’ criticism of her being lazy and having a bad attitude.

“The attitude, yeah, I could’ve held back a bit. I’m very passionate so sometimes my delivery is extremely emotionally charged. Um, the laziness part, I was working. I was working just like everybody else,” Camille maintained. “I mean, here’s another thing. When Alissa’s talking to Captain Sandy, crying about my attitude, she says it’s not really the work ethic. So I guess she thinks I work hard. It’s more the attitude. So what is it? What is it?”

Another viewer asked Below Deck’s Camille why she can’t take accountability.

“I have no problem doing this so lets get to it. I’ve got a poor attitude towards Alissa. I’m a bit snarky, I’m quick to talk back. I’m not as eager as everyone else to be there. [I was] slower than the average [person] it seems,” Camille conceded.

She also expressed her one regret, which was hooking up with Australian Deckhand Ben Willoughby while bunkmate Tony Duarte tried to sleep on the bottom bed.

“I would not have put Tony in that situation. Um, I was like extremely wasted on on tequila… and yeah, mistake.”

Fans Continue to Drag Camille For Her Job Performance

Are Ben & Camille Still Together After Below Deck Season 10

Ben posted pictures of him with Camille with a caption about their boatmance (Instagram).

On the show Camille repeatedly declines to do jobs her superiors ask her to do. Captain Lee Rosbach assigned Camille a hybrid deckhand-stew position.  She yelled, swore and talked back to her bosses, Bosun Ross McHarg and Chief Steward Fraser Olender. Each workday, Camille was caught on camera slacking off, floating over to the deck team when asked to do work for interior. She also randomly took naps and constantly complained about her workload.

Below Deck fans on Twitter are still trashing her job performance and want to see her fired.


After Captain Lee left the season early due to health issues, Captain Sandy Yawn eventually got up to speed with Camille’s poor work performance. She gave Camille an ultimatum to shape up or ship out on the charter with rude guests Karan, Kamna and Payal. The end of episode seven doesn’t bode well for Camille’s future on the boat. She gets in a heated argument with Alissa in front of charter guests because she was insubordinate once again. Clues of a Below Deck season 10 replacement stew suggest Camille gets fired and sent home from Saint Lucia.

Captain Lee talked down about Camille after watching her behavior documented on camera.

“Of all the things you’ve lost Camille, you miss your mind the most. Your behavior, from what I’m seeing is not at all what I would expect nor tolerate,” Captain Lee tweeted.

Camille responded with her own jibes.

“Have you lost your mind? I’m a 24 year- old trying to figure out life [you] just made it that more difficult. You know.. I thought the exact same thing when you joked about dragging your [bleep] through whiskey glass in front of a crowd of people at the premiere. My exact thought was.. of all the things you’ve lost Lee, you miss your mind the most. Get real and get off twitter with that bull,” Camille wrote on Instagram.

Camille Talks More About Her Portrayal On Below Deck

“This is really funny to me because it’s funny somebody noticed this because all day I remember being like, whoa, what? People would walk by me like ‘good job Camille’. Captain Sandy would be like thumbs up. And I was like I feel like I’m getting the gold star like a kindergartener,” Camille explained to fans question about the producers pushing a redemption arc on episode seven. Before Camille’s latest blowup with Alissa she was getting praised for doing better work.

Camille also answered a fan’s question asking why she acted “cray cray” on the show.

“Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, anxiety and depression. But don’t worry, I’m medicated,” the music artist said. Early on in the season Camille explained how she struggled with her mental health due to her ex boyfriend and college football star Shea Patterson allegedly cheating on her repeatedly. Below Deck producers sparked rumors Camille had a baby with her ex because they included a picture of her next to a baby seat on the show.

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