Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Love Island’ (Season 2 Episode 1 Recap)

Our second season renews our interest in the Bradshaw Bunch as Terry renews his vows with Tammy in Hawaii, their very own Love Island.

Catch up on this season’s key plotlines with our recap of the Season 1 finale.

Landing on Love Island

Going to Hawaii was a tradition for Terry every year when the football season was over. On this latest trip they receive greetings from Traditions Hawaii and a lei ceremony. Terry tries his best to dance despite his knees not cooperating.

During a fishing break Terry reminisces about his wedding to Tammy. He didn’t get down on a knee and propose because didn’t want to fail again. Unlike his previous marriages, he wanted to get it done overnight or it wouldn’t happen at all. .

We have a hilarious interlude as Zurie’s boyfriend Endino appears in Hawaii, and talks to Terry. He’s a little unsure about where the relationship with Zurie is going but in his defense he is only 7. Despite Terry’s best efforts, we don’t find out who kissed whom exactly or if there was a declaration of love. But it’s too late, as Zurie finds out about Endino’s side piece and leaves him right away. Attagirl!

Romance is rocky for other Bradshaws too. Checking in with Rachel shows that Connor is out of the picture for now. Scott is unfortunately shooting blanks when it comes to Erin’s pregnancy. has started and stopped with a few people. But most of all, Terry regrets not having the children there for his wedding to Tammy.

Terry puts his biggest play into effect. He’s visibly nervous as he explains why he’s getting down on the (not-replaced) knee to ask Tammy to renew their vows. They kiss and everyone claps in a true Love Island moment.

Rachel, Terry and Erin hit the links and Erin is digging a hole with her driver. Terry has to give her some pointers and after he does she starts driving them far. Lacey and Noah talk about their impending move, as they are still in Hawaii for half the year.

Terry debuts a new shirt with his wife’s face all over it and then Terry and Tammy talk about their nervousness and who cried first at the proposal. Terry doesn’t seem to have a second part to his marriage renewal plan. He can only get it done because Lacey happens to be ordained.

On the day of, Terry doesn’t see the bride before she walks down the aisle. Noah’s got some delicious shrimp and veggie dishes, but it starts to rain as Erin realizes her white dress might not work out with that kind of weather. We have flower shirts for the guys, pale blue dresses for the women, and umbrellas for everyone.

Lacey talks about how they have grown together as a couple while Rachel wants what they have. Scott and Erin agree that Erin should be treated the way Terry treats Tammy. We have a rainbow to end the ceremony, a fire dancer, a lion on a prairie and more dance moves from Terry.

It’s a tough act for Noah and Scott to follow because the women want renewals too!

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