Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Working Slime To Five’ (Season 2 Episode 2 Recap)

We all know the business world can be kind of slimy sometimes, but the Bradshaws always mix business with pleasure. They get slimy and sweaty while they’re working slime to five.

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Gettin’ Down And Dirty, Working Slime To Five

Music is Rachel’s passion, but her main hustle – real estate- isn’t really doing it for her. So she tries to do more of what she loves by becoming a brand ambassador for HotWorx Hot Yoga in Denton.

With 100K followers on social media, Rachel’s got the online clout for the job. Terry’s her biggest fan and follower. However, he’s totally lost when it comes to the concept of hot yoga. Doubly so for what a brand ambassador actually is, though he eventually figures out that it’s kind of like a spokesperson. There’s no learning like do-it-yourself, so Rachel books a daddy-daughter hot yoga appointment.

We have some new arrivals in the Bradshaw Bunch- but it’s not a new baby for Erin and Scott yet. Instead, it’s Olivia and Rosie, the new foals. There’s a lot of pressure on Scott, who’s putting in the work, but his Mister Wigglies are tired.

Meanwhile, Zurie schools Terry in how to make slime while Terry has more “back in my day” stories which Zurie obviously wants no part of. Terry talks about forming Slime Ball Inc. with Zurie which finally piques her interest. Although, hearing about patents and lawyers is less enthralling for her.

Terry shows for his hot yoga experience. He’s overwhelmed by the choices. Instructor Danica tries to get Terry centred but it goes as well as you’d expect. Lots of shouting, falling, and farting from the big man as the temperature gets to him.

A Slimy Venture in the Downtown

Later on, Terry and Zurie set up a table and start hawking slime balls in the downtown. Somehow, nobody’s buying, even when Zurie tries screaming at the top of her lungs. Terry’s name recognition does help attract a few customers, but Zurie quickly changes her price from $15 to 15 cents. Evidently negotiation is a new skill for an 8 year old. They manage to buy some ice cream with their earnings, but Terry is horrified when Zurie picks up ice cream slime off the ground.

After this business venture, TB tries to school Scott and Erin in the facts of life. Scott is stunned into awkward silence while Dad tries to get Erin to eat some oysters to make her more fertile. Erin doesn’t need inspiration even though it was a sweet gesture. Scott gets half a mind to ask Terry about his sex life, and Erin takes her cue to leave the two men to finish the oysters.

Terry’s more comfortable working up a sweat in his home gym, and the CEO of HotWorx is happy to welcome Rachel as a Brand Ambassador. An interested Terry wants to see her pitch. Rachel talks about how yoga helped her scoliosis and the journey to her workout as Terry employs some artistic filming techniques.

Terry tries his own hand at pitching hot yoga, and discovers he wants to be Ambassador Bradshaw. He is a natural pitchman, whatever else you can say about him. Too bad he can’t sell anyone on the slimy oysters, as the dogs won’t touch it and neither will Tammy. It’s tough working slime to five.

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