BDDU S2: Fans Are Dragging Culver As A Lazy Cheap Skate & Mama’s Boy

BDDU S2: Fans Are Dragging Culver As A Lazy Cheap Skate & Mama's Boy

Many Below Deck Down Under season 2 viewers have turned on the self-described CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) deckhand Culver Bradbury this season. First, fans and Second Officer Joao Franco can’t stand how lazy he is in avoiding doing his fair share of the deck work. Joao repeatedly had to radio Culver and call him out for not taking an initiative. More importantly, fans found it distasteful how quickly he jumped ship from his boatmance with Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph once bombshell beauty Jaimee Neale joined the crew and showed interest. Now, fans are dragging Culver as a lazy cheap skate and mama’s boy after  epsiodes 14 and 15 aired.

Culver first annoyed viewers again when he didn’t even think to ask Jaimee if she was okay after she had to deal with a charter guest’s sudden seizure aboard superyacht Northern Sun. Then he immaturely asked Jaimee to officially be his girlfriend by making her a card for her to tick the box with a sappy hand-written message. Things only got worse when Culver skipped out of paying the restaurant and bar tab at Miss Chief Bar & Eatery, hiding when fellow deckhand Harry van Vliet said it was his turn to pick up the bill.

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Fans Are Dragging Culver As A Lazy Cheap Skate & Mama’s Boy

Some fans who don’t know Culver well were shocked to learn he still lives with his mom in Huntington, Maryland, when he isn’t based in Jacksonville, Florida, or elsewhere around the world for charter seasons. He revealed that he spends lots of time at his parents’ ranch.

“As soon as I’m done with this I go home in the summertime. Four wheelers, dirt bikes, like boats, like, all on the water. We have a bunch of horses,” Culver bragged to Jamie about his parents’ place. Culver is also very close to his mom “Keeem” who he calls throughout charter to share his troubles.

Below Deck Down Under season 2 viewers let Culver have it on Twitter/X.

Fans also wanted Captain Jason Chambers to fire Culver over hardworking but inexperienced Adam Kodra. Culver even partly caused the superyacht to get scratched. He was on the dock and could’ve easily put the fender in place while Adam was struggling aboard.

“[I really dislike when] people like Culver who always try and weasel their way outta paying their share of the bills. No excuse either. You all make the same amount of money. He’s all around disgusting!” said another fan on Twitter/X.

Others want him to get dumped by Jaimee for karma’s sake. It looks like that might happen as she now has her eye on Lead Deckhand Luka Brunton. Some fans hope Culver learns a valuable lesson and he still ends up with Tzarina.

Culver and Tzarina guest starred together on Watch What Happens Live together with Andy Cohen at the end of July 2023, and fans remarked they still had great chemistry. Fans hope Culver looks back on this season and tries build a better work ethic and more thoughtfulness towards others. She even gave him a kiss after giving him a bizarre birthday gift.

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