Are Culver And Tzarina Still Together After BDDU Season 2

Are Culver And Tzarina Still Together After BDDU Season 2

Returning deckhand and CEO Culver Bradbury became pretty smitten with Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph at the beginning of Below Deck Down Under season 2. The two flirted incessantly in the galley and shared some affectionate moments on their crew nights out. However, before their showmance could become an official boatmance on superyacht Northern Sun, replacement stewardess Jaimee Neale, a gorgeous Australian yachtie, torpedoed smooth sailing. She caught Culver and the rest of the deck crew’s attention. Despite knowing Tzarina and Culver were sort of dating, Jaimee pursued Culver and the two kissed on a crew night out in Cairns, Australia. Culver and Jaimee ended up hooking up later that night, so, are Culver and Tzarina still together after the Chief Entertainment Officer strayed and started dating Jaimee?

Tzarina can’t really get too mad at Culver for fooling around with the new stew, though. She became extremely flirty and handsy when former Below Deck Med star and Second Officer Joao Franco joined the crew. It got so bad Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott stepped in and told her not to give him the time of day because he’s an apparent womanizer. Sadly, after promising Aesha she wouldn’t sleep with him, Tzarina hooked up with Joao in episode 15. However, recent social media posts make it pretty clear Tzarina and Joao aren’t still together romantically.

That said, the BDDU season 2 boatmance between Culver and Tzarina hasn’t necessarily sailed away yet despite them being with others on the show. BDDU season 2 spoilers reveal the two likely still expressed feelings for one another later on in season 2. We’re only 15 episodes in out of 18, so there’s a still a window where the could rekindle a romance after two failed boatmances with others.

Are Culver And Tzarina Still Together After Below Deck Down Under Season 2?

Chef Tzarina and Culver flirting on Watch What Happens Live at the end of July

Chef Tzarina and Culver flirting on Watch What Happens Live at the end of July, over a year since meeting on BDDU season 2 (Bravo).

Although generally all Below Deck boatmances eventually sink in the real world, fans still hold out hope for compatible couples like Culver and Tzarina.

Tzarina and Culver’s relationship hit an iceberg after he hooked up with Jaimee. Culver did Tzarina dirty by flirting and leading her on for weeks, just to jump ship as soon as stunning Jaimee arrived. Tzarina then found comfort for her bruised ego from Joao, despite her saying she was her good friend’s ex and he screwed her over. She basically threw caution and girl code to the wind.

But all hope is not lost for fans shipping Culver and Tzarina. Episode 17’s description dangles some possible hope. “The crew erupts in an argument when a deckhand meddles in the stew’s drama. A date goes awry when Chef Tzarina reveals her true feelings.” Could she tell Joao she still has feelings for Culver? More likely she admits she actually likes Joao and he finally stops leading her on that he wanted anything more than a casual hookup.

Culver earlier on in the season said he prefers summer flings than long-term commitments when talking about his budding romance with the chef. However, maybe Culver started thinking more long-term since he’s over age 30.

Even if Culver and Tzarina started a boatmance, long-distance appears to be the killer of another potential long-term relationship. Culver is from Huntington, Maryland, in America, while Tzarina travels all over the world working as a yacht chef and is based in the UK.

Although the two appear just good friends, there’s still a glimmer of hope for these two.

Fans Love Culver And Tzarina’s Chemistry On Watch What Happens Live 

Chef Tzarina smiling a lot when talking about Culver

Chef Tzarina smiling a lot when talking about Culver (Bravo).

“It’s just because I find almost everything sexy [about Culver], the mullet right now is like ugh… Oh I love it,” Tzarina said in her smooth British accent while on Watch What Happens Live alongside Culver.

The potential couple kept laughing and flirting throughout the show together, sparking rumors they might’ve rekindled their romance. They traveled to NYC to go on Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen’s show back at the end of July, 2023, so could their relationship have started up again? Tzarina was definitely singing Culver’s praises on the show, even beating out Captain Jason Chambers. Both Culver and Tzarina rated their first kiss on BDDU season 2 as 10 out of 10.

“Oh, she’s good. She crushes it,” Culver said about Chef Tzarina’s food to his mom on the show. He introduced Tzarina to his mom on a video call.

“Why don’t you explain your son to me before I fall in love,” Tzarina said to his mom half jokingly.

“Culver, Culver, Culver. You beautiful Greek god, you. He has sides to him that I wish I had in myself and I don’t. His passion and his positivity is just [bleeping] incredible. He’s cute,” Tzarina gushed in one of her confessional interviews.  “I’m a sucker for extreme positive attitude.”

She also explained how she needs an exciting guy like Culver to date, otherwise she may stray.

“I think Culver and I are getting along really nicely. For me it’s just personality and laughter. I actually had a boyfriend, he was so boring that I forgot that I had him. I would like wake up next to guys and then get a message and be like who’s that? ‘Oh [bleep], it’s my boyfriend.’ Because I just kept forgetting. Culver is definitely a totally different vibe. Let’s see.”

If Culver and Tzarina are still dating after BDDU season 2, it must be tough. Tzarina is currently working on another superyacht as the chef.

Chef Tzarina working on another superyacht through summer 2023

Chef Tzarina working on another superyacht through summer 2023 (Instagram).

Chef Tzarina joking around with another yachtie on the current boat she's working on

Chef Tzarina joking around with another yachtie on the current boat she’s working on (Instagram).

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