Physical 100 Season 2 Survival Match Quest 2.5 Rules, Eliminations, Strategy

Physical 100 Season 2 Survival Match Quest 2.5 Rules, Eliminations, Strategy

It wouldn’t be Netflix’s Physical 100 if formerly eliminated competitors were given a shot at redemption and reviving back into the competition. After five teams of five were eliminated after Maze Quest 2, the main game paused and Quest 2.5 Survival Match involving pillars the eliminated players needed to cling to. In the end, only one would win this competition, but they’d have the power to revive four other eliminated contestants.

Physical 100 Season 2 Survival Match Quest 2.5 Rules

“Physical 100, you’ve all been eliminated. However, there remains one final chance at survival for you. Here in this arena, starting now, you will all engage in a survival match within this arena,” the AI computer host shared with the 25 eliminated players.

“Here are the rules of the survival match. In this arena, there are ten pillars. You will have a set amount of time to take over the pillars in the arena. The time limit is three minutes. Once the time is up, those in control of a pillar will survive. While those not in control, will be eliminated. Also, a single pillar can only ensure one contestant’s survival. In order to survive, you must be hugging the symbol on the pillar.”

The AI host then explained there would be four rounds and the number of pillars would decrease each time, like an aggressive version of musical chairs.

The competitors were then informed only one pillar would be available in the last round, so just one survivor gets to revive. However, the revived player could then bring back four other eliminated players/

Physical 100 S2’s Survival Match Round Eliminations, Winner, & Strategy

The first round the 25 eliminated players fought for ten spots on ten different pillars. Team Hwang Choong-won (including Kim dong-hyun, Lee Jun-ha, Sim Yu-ri, Jo Ha-rang), Team Amotti (Kim Jee-Hyuk, Kim Do-Hyeon, Kim Ki-Hyuk, and Kang Young-seo), Team Lee Jang-kun (Kim Hyeong-kyu, Kim Amugae, Go Min-Jung, Hong Da-eun), Team Jung Ji-hyun (Seo Young-woo, Ha Moo-Kyoung, Jang Jun-Hyuk, and Kim Ji-eun), and Team Kim Min-su (Chong Te-se, Jang Sung-yeop, Eom Dae-Hyun, Kim Dam-bi) all fought for the ten spots.

The first round the biggest and strongest survived. Kim Min-su, Jung Ji-hyun, Kim Amugae, Lee Jun-ha, Ha Moo-kyoung, Jang Jun-hyuk, Kim Jee-hyuk, Amotti, Lee Jang-kun, and Kim Hyeong-kyu were able to push the other competitors out of their way.

In the second round, Amotti tried to take out Min-su but realized his attempts were futile. Instead he decided to help out another competitor survive in hopes he’d get revived by them in the end. Kim Min-su, Jung Ji-hyun, Kim Jee-hyuk, Jang Jun-hyuk, and Lee Jang-kun all made it out of this round of only five pillars.

For the third round, only two pillar remained. The two wrestlers, Jang Jun-hyuk and Jung Ji-hyun pushed their opponents out of the way. Jun-hyuk was especially impressive, using his head to pry his opponent out of his way.

Physical 100 S2’s Survival Match Winner & Team Avengers Formed

Jung Ji-hyun celebrating with his defeated opponent at the end of the Survival Match on Physical 100 season 2

Jung Ji-hyun celebrating with his defeated opponent at the end of the Survival Match on Physical 100 season 2 (Netflix).

Jung Ji-hyun ended up winning the last round by keeping his opponent pinned to the ground and jumping up to retake the pillar in the last ten seconds. Despite being a couple weight classes smaller than young Jun-hyuk, his veteran experience and Olympic gold medalist status prevailed.

After he was victorious he had the tough decision to be loyal to his team from the previous quest: Seo Young-woo, Ha Moo-Kyoung, Jang Jun-Hyuk, and Kim Ji-eun. But Ji-hyun didn’t let them pull on his heartstrings. Instead, he was pragmatic, and built the dream team he called the Avengers.

He picked CrossFitter Amotti, National kabaddi team athlete Lee Jang-kun, national rower Kim Jee-hyuk, and Olympiad bodybuilder Kim Min-su (Korean Thanos). Can Jung Ji-hyun’s revived dream team beat out the competition and one of them win Physical 100 season 2? Fans will have to keep watching and wait for the finale.

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