Physical 100’s Amotti: YouTube, IG, Sponsorships and More

Physical 100's Amotti: YouTube, IG, Sponsorships and More

Physical 100 Season 2 is leaning into the team drama with the formation of a group of remarkable people. The superteam known as “The Avengers” crushed the competition in the Quest 3, aka the Mine Transportation Match. Crossfitter Amotti, the speedster of the team, brought it home with a close victory over Coast Guard officer Park Woo-jin. Amotti has had a wild run through the show thus far. He attained 3rd place out of 100 in Quest 0, then whipped actor Lee Kyu-ho in the deathmatch. Physical 100’s Amotti’s team fell victim to Team Kim Dong-Hyun’s aggressive tactics but he was saved by Avengers leader Jung Ji-hyun.

Considering that a crossfitter won Physical 100‘s 1st season, Amotti’s well-rounded physical style makes him a favorite to win. But first Amotti will have to fend for himself in whatever quick elimination challenge follows Quest 3 to reach the finals. While we wait for the final two episodes, let’s review what we know about the charismatic Amotti.

Physical 100‘s Amotti: Real Name, IG, YouTube, Sponsorships, Bodybuilding Hobby

Physical 100 season 2 fitness YouTuber Amotti

Physical 100 season 2 fitness YouTuber Amotti (Instagram).

First of all, Amotti is obviously not his real name- it is Kim Jae Hong. He may have taken the name from “amottivation”, which is the name of his Instagram account. That account, which has 50,600 followers with only 32 posts, is impressive, but his YouTube channel is much more so. With 153,000 subscribers, Amotti specializes in on-camera insane physical challenges. He’s not primarily known for bodybuilding, but he will compete in local competitions.

A guy who can walk on his hands as easily as his feet might be a strange choice to sponsor a fried chicken restaurant. And yet, Amotti is proudly sponsored by Rankindak Hong Kong, who serves up mouthwatering chicken breasts. For a more on-brand sponsorship for Amotti, check out Sweat on Seoul fitness classes and Lululemon. Amotti’s signature IG post is a large group of shirtless dudes. Recently there are a lot of his Physical 100 competitors, but before that he was close to bodybuilder Kim Young Kyu. It seems Kim helped him get into bodybuilding in the first place.

Physical 100‘s Amotti: Age, Birthday, Zodiac, YouTube Challenges, Possible Military Service

Amotti, age 31, was born on November 9, 1992, and he is a competitive and intense Scorpio. He’s clearly inspired by the show to recreate some the challenges, including Quest 0, but on exercise bikes. And for fans annoyed with the fact that women are at a disadvantage on the show, Amotti prominently features women bodybuilders on his channel. He also engages his workout partners in creative challenges, such as a test of strength using rubber bands. And, he’s no stranger to Korean Netflix reality as he invited Single’s Inferno contestant Jin-Seok for a chat.

Other videos involve Amotti and his friends taking in the city and chowing down on delicious protein heavy meals. There’s also a behind-the-scenes video from a Physical 100 cast party where Amotti interviews the other participants and we see that the show was sponsored by Nike. However, there isn’t a lot on Amotti’s social media from before the pandemic. However, the thumbnail from one of his videos with the date “2013” shows a group of men in fatigues. Could Amotti have been in the army? Amotti’s on the fast track to superstardom after this show.

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