Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Fit For The Fast Lane’ (Season 1, Episode 7 Recap)

Fit in the fast lane means two different things – for Rachel, it’s getting back into singing, and for Terry, it’s fitting back into his favorite pants.

The Bunch dealt with a bunch of man problems in Episode 6, which you can read up on here.

A Tight Fit For The Fast Lane

Terry is asked to say “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines” at a NASCAR race, and someone needs to sing God Bless America. Rachel is the member of the Bradshaw Bunch who would be a great fit for that fast lane. Unfortunately she hasn’t sung in public since her hubby passed.

A quarantine weight gain is common enough, but it’s affecting Terry’s self esteem. He enlists Tim the trainer who puts Terry through his paces. It’s a loud workout as Terry verbalizes feeling the burn.

Family members keep prodding each other to get out of their comfort zone. Terry begs his daughter to sing, if not for her, then for him. Plus, her agent already said yes, so it’s not like there’s a choice. Tammy keeps tabs on Terry, who keeps checking the fridge to see if the food is all still there.

Extra support for Rachel comes from her sister Erin, who wants to see Rachel get back on the horse. On the other hand, Zurie keeps reminding Rachel about all the people who will be recording her performance. Of course Zurie has an ulterior motive- meeting her idol, driver Bubba Wallace. A Zoom call brings Zurie together with Bubba, but Terry’s weight loss journey is going a lot slower.

On the day of the big race, Erin calls to wish a tearful Rachel good luck. When she sings, she draws a big cheer from the crowd even if she’s visibly nervous. Afterwards, she’s proud of herself although she’s still shaking. Terry may not be the best at losing weight, but he’s definitely going to do anything to create an opportunity for Rachel. All in all, she says it feels good getting a fit for the fast lane, Bradshaw Bunch style.

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