Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Oui Oui Terry’ (S1 E8 Recap)

Terry’s fed up with quarantine and lockdowns, and his anniversary is approaching. He decides to say Oui Oui Terry and bring some of Paris’ joie de vivre to Texas- by flying Tammy to Paris, Texas.

Terry’s earlier lockdown troubles were chronicled in the past episode (7), which you can find here.

Oui Oui for Terry and Tammy

Last year, Terry took Tammy on a romantic getaway to Italy, but COVID has made their original plans of flying to France impossible. Time for a TB quarterback sneak as the big man tells wife Tammy that he can make the trip to Paris possible. Of course, he doesn’t tell her how.

Having grown up around horses means it was only a matter of time before the Zurie-cane developed a bond with one. She’s been practicing leading Machine the horse and has a natural talent – of course. You also can’t find that many horses in Hawaii, a fact Noah has to grapple with.

Expert prankster Tammy knows that something’s up as she boards the private jet, but she goes along for the ride, hoping that there’ll be a payoff at the end. How right she is, as hopeless romantic Terry does go all out. He brings champagne and treats her picnic and blanket under the Paris Texas Eiffel Tower. As silly as it is, it’s extremely romantic. Tammy can’t help but be moved by her husband’s attempt at a COVID vacation.

As the lovebirds relax on a Paris park bench, they tune in on their phones to watch Zurie show her horse. She does a fantastic job, winning first place. The family tradition is kept alive, and dad Noah cries with joy. There’s no no going back to Hawaii now! We end with Zurie leading her dad around by his beard and an enthusiastic final Oui Oui for Terry.

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