What Happened To Robin Kassner After Millionaire Matchmaker

What Happened To Robin Kassner After Millionaire Matchmaker

Millionairess PR maven Robin Kassner took a lot of heat for her appearance on The Millionaire Matchmaker season 4. In overt body-shaming throughout the episode filmed and aired in 2010, Patti Stanger, who tried to curb Robin’s wild expectations of dating someone who looks like Matthew McConaughey. No offense, she’s a large-size woman,” the professional matchmaker to America’s rich said upon seeing her tape. In the end, Robin failed Patti’s test, picking the “hottest” guy at the mixer and trying to bribe him with her money in order for him to like her. So, what happened to Robin Kassner after Millionaire Matchmaker?

Plummer Luke wowed Robin with his rugged good looks. Throughout her time on the mini date with him she couldn’t stop telling him how hot he was, but failed to ask any real questions about him. Robin, also noteworthy on the episode for her obsession with pink (painting all her home’s wall that color) and Hello Kitty, chose Luke despite having more chemistry with the retired cop she also picked for a mini date.

On the date, Robin paid for a boat cruise dinner for bother her and Luke. She ignored Patti’s rule that the man pays for and plans the date. Patti and her sidekicks also found it terrible that Robin offered Luke cars, specifically a Maserati, and business startup money. She also had her hands all over him on the date and told him she wanted to sleep with him. Patti was upset with how apparently clueless Robin acted on her date. Patti said that she couldn’t help Robin because she claimed she had problems she couldn’t fix.

What Happened To Robin Kassner After Millionaire Matchmaker Season 4?

Robin and her date on Millionaire Matchmaker season 4

Robin and her date on Millionaire Matchmaker season 4 (Bravo).

Despite Patti claiming Robin was hopeless, she attempted to set her up with a man two more times on TV. Robin again employed Patti’s services on The Millionaire Matchmaker season 6. A similar result ensued. In 2016, Patti had Robin on her spinoff show WE tv called Million Dollar Matchmaker.

This time around, Robin went on two disastrous dates with two different guys. Patti grilled her afterwards, bashing her for getting too drunk and physical with her dates. Her sexual aggression and drunk behavior scared the two guys off. Patti then suspended Robin’s Millionaire’s Club membership.

Robin’s Instagram shows she’s done a lot of growing since failing at love three times on Patti’s two shows. She appears to have had a boyfriend in 2016 for a time. She also became pregnant with her first daughter in 2017, giving birth in early 2018 to a baby girl she named Kinsley. Robin, now 47, then had another baby girl a couple years later named Harper. Her two daughters are now most of her world. Sadly her one Pomeranian, Bruiser, passed away in 2018. However, it looks like her fur baby Paris Hilton is still alive and well.

Robin's late dog Bruiser

Robin’s late dog Bruiser (Instagram).

It’s unclear from Robin’s social media who the dad is of her two girls, but she appears to be single in early 2024. That, or the baby daddy or boyfriend is just camera shy.

Robin continues to run her publicist company HAUTE PR, which represents leading beauty, fashion, and luxury lifestyle brands in marketing and public relations. Robin also started to work out more after appearing on show, taking up boxing.

PR specialist Robin Kassner still lives in New York

PR specialist Robin Kassner still lives in New York (Instagram).

Perhaps Robin will make a comeback alongside Patti in the 2024 premier on CW of the network’s new show Patti Stanger: Millionaire Matchmaking.

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