Love Is Blind: What Matt And Colleen Are Up To In 2024

Love Is Blind: What Matt And Colleen Are Up To In 2024

It’s Love Is Blind season 6 reunion week and as before, that means that things will either be magic or tragic. The Season 4 live reunion disaster will live in infamy forever, so Netflix has gone back to a taped affair. With a 9 PM start time on Wednesday March 13, they have ensured that fans will be seated at the appropriate time and not disappointed. However, there is a new twist this time around: past couples will be asking questions and providing input.

Returning for this evening will be season 1’s Giannina Milady Gibelli and baby daddy Blake Horstmann. Representing Season 4 will be alpha couple Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown, and the problematic Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin Appiah. Season 5’s most popular male Izzy Zapata makes an appearance. Finally, Season 3’s representatives are perfectly mismatched Alexa and Brennon Lemieux and controversial Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed. It’s been close to a year since Matt and Colleen moved in, and they appear to have cleared that hurdle. But, here’s what Colleen and Matt are up to in 2024? Let’s check in and find out.

What Matt And Colleen Are Up To In 2024: Football, Country Music, Golf and Poker for Matt

Matt and Colleen out in Dallas, Texas

Matt and Colleen out in Dallas, Texas (Instagram).

If you go to Matt’s Instagram, it’s nothing but love, love, love with him and Colleen. In between special posts where he meets country legend Gary Clarke and boys nights in Vegas, pics of the happy couple are the norm. In June, Matt brought Colleen to his friend Coleman Glass’s 30th birthday and partied it up. Fast forward to October and it’s another burst of photos for Colleen’s birthday. It seems like they took a fantasy trip to Disneyland and took in quite a few Dallas Cowboys NFL games. However, Colleen stays true to her Pennsylvania roots by representing in an Eagles jersey.

Matt has developed his card shark skills, winning a $5,000 poker tournament in Vegas, and is slamming drives on the golf course. For Halloween, Matt and Colleen dressed up as Victoria and David Beckham. Then, in February, Colleen danced with Ballet North Texas in Sleeping Beauty and posed in her costume. Matt’s posted a celebratory photo with the LIB men (and Blake) who attended the reunion, so we know they all survived.

What Matt And Colleen Are Up To After Love Is Blind: Top Fashion, Ballet, House Tours And Espresso Martinis for Colleen

Colleen out with girlfriends

Colleen out with girlfriends (Instagram).

Meanwhile, Colleen’s IG stories for a tour of her and Matt’s lovely new house. There are photos showing her dancing in The Nutcracker during Christmas 2023 as well. And whatever Colleen’s haters have to say, they can’t throw any shade on her style. Colleen loves showing off her outfits, from Barbie-themed looks to holiday hits and tropical beach stylings. There are plenty of pics of Colleen decked out in Eagles green, or dropping jaws with a sparkly NYE top. We also learned something new about Colleen, her favorite drink is appropriately the espresso martini. For someone who needs as much energy as Colleen, it’s the perfect cocktail to sip on.

It’s great to see Colleen and Matt land softly after so many challenges through their televised engagement. Props to them for doing their marriage their way.

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