Outlast’s Nick Is Calling Jill A Snake But Worried About Her

Outlast's Nick Is Calling Jill A Snake But Worried About Her

Although Netflix’s Outlast filmed a year-and-a-half ago, cast members still hold a grudge for the dirty games played in Alaska’s Neka River rainforest region. Blacksmith Justin Court stole sleeping bags from Delta Camp after PI detective Jill Ashlock and yoga instructor Amber Asay encouraged his wily ways. Now, Outlast‘s Nick is calling Jill a snake, despite also claiming to be worried about her due to fans’ backlash.

Jill and Amber got up to their own shenanigans at camp Bravo while on the show, which bohemian nomad Javier Colón says was worse than shown by production’s editors. They attempted to steal Javier’s sleeping bags and attacked his raft. Since Outlast aired, Javier’s called Jill and Amber liars and the devil.

Wrestling coach and teacher Nick Radner is also adding more fuel to the fire by name-calling Jill.

Outlast‘s Nick Is Calling Jill A Snake Despite Being Worried About Her

Nick and Angie rejecting Javier from joining their camp

Nick and Angie rejecting Javier from joining their camp (Netflix).

Nick, now age 38, responded to fan criticism on Instagram that his team were a group of hypocrites for inviting Jill to join their team.

“We were planning on ditching her as soon as she joined us ya FOOL [laughing crying emojis], we had backup plans that never made it to the edit. [Team Charile isn’t] dumb dude. We knew she was a snake,” Nick wrote.

He also hinted Outlast‘s gameplay likely got even dirtier. “Some things are better left off screen. There were reasons. Lots got cut out.”

However, Nick had less of a comeback response when another Outlast fan said he should get off his moral high horse.

“It’s annoying your group is being praised when y’all were just as crooked. Y’all said no to Javier who was being attacked. Y’all INVITED JILL who everyone knew was [duplicitous]. Then y’all kicked out Justin for shredding a tarp. And people are ignoring all of that and claiming y’all have a weird moral high ground. I don’t get it,” said an annoyed fan calling out the hypocrisy.

“Hey I get it ! I hear you and your opinion is respected,” Nick responded back.

Despite calling Jill a snake, Nick said he is worried about her after all the backlash and hate she’s received online.

“To be honest I’m worried for her. I don’t even want to talk about it because I was treated so well by karma. I am always treated well by her… but yes. Worried for her, and not ignorant of the consequences of one’s actions!” Nick said in another Instagram comment.

Jill Is Unapologetic About Her Outlast Conduct, She & Amber Say They Retaliated

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast

Alpha’s Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast (Instagram).

Jill is calling her self a wolf, and the fans attacking her sheep.

“You’re the ones spreading more hate. You’re the ones that can’t see the love that was put out in that show. The friendship against all odds of two abused women that put up with misogynistic males for 36 days. What do you think set us off? Look at the cuts. Come on! Get a brain. Stop being a sheep, you have a choice. I’m a [bleeping] wolf, if you want to be a sheep, I will eat you alive,” Jill said in a now-deleted Instagram video.

Jill foraging mushrooms

Jill foraging mushrooms that she helped teach other cast members about (Instagram).

Jill’s Instagram includes other posts further confirming fans’ suspicions Outlast is partly staged and scripted.

Amber also posted a response video where she claimed the two got a bad edit. She also explained that she retaliated after Javier betrayed an alliance, which wasn’t included in the final cut.

Alleged Outlast producer defending Jill and Amber on social media

Alleged Outlast producer defending Jill and Amber on social media (Instagram).

Co-star Angie Kenai defended the two ladies, claiming they were supportive and kind.

“You and Amber are crazy strong women and it was amazing to come so close to the end with you guys. It took a lot to get to where we were and a lot happened that a lot didn’t get to see, and only we know because we truly lived it. Keep your head up Jill,” Angie said. She also mentioned how Jill and Amber cheered her on when she rode a raft to the crab pot island.

“I protected MY family and tried to secure our resources. No one else was playing the game we were put there to play!!! If that had been real real life… they all would have lost,” Jill said in her Instagram comments.

One things for sure, Netflix needs to host an Outlast reunion episode to get to the bottom of the drama between cast mates.

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