Outlast’s Javier Colón: Handyman Job, Website, IG & Travels

Outlast's Javier Colón: Handyman Job, Website, IG & Travels

Outlast’s Javier Colón is a man with a knack for accidentally annoying the wrong people. It’s pretty tragic because he obviously means well and he is very knowledgeable on the surrounding Alaskan wilderness. The trouble is that he has a very clear sense of what he thinks is morally right and is totally inflexible. In a normal situation that would be annoying, but in a situation like Outlast it led to outright violence.

The scene of him trying to protect his raft from Amber Asay‘s destructive assault was unforgettable and brutal. Then we got the visual of him burning his shelter so Amber and Jill Ashlock couldn’t loot the remains. Javier couldn’t have resisted the combined force of Alpha and Charlie teams, even with support from the remains of Delta team. But even so, he opted to go out in a blaze of glory, as a man who had been pushed too far. However, his fellow Outlast cast members rejected his overtures for devilish destruction.

Outlast’s Javier Colón: Website, Home State, Injury and Recovery, Cycling and Travel

Javier traveling

Javier traveling (Instagram).

Javier’s website hungryguyonabicycle.com shows that the harrowing experience on the show wasn’t the first one he experienced. Tragically, he had his legs crushed by a drunk driver and had to learn to walk again. His famous 18,000-mile solo bike trip from Canada to the southernmost tip of South America grew out of this terrible accident. After this experience, Javier’s only ambition was to travel the world, seeking out new experiences and good food (and beer). His lifestyle appears to be funded by crowdfunding and donations. However he demonstrated his skill at building and repair on the show, so it’s easy to picture him doing some handiwork for compensation.

Outlast cast member Javier goofing around while traveling in Germany

Outlast cast member Javier goofing around while traveling in Germany (Instagram).

Javier is completely dedicated to his nomad lifestyle and his home town and birthday are a mystery. All we know is that he was born somewhere in Ohio.

Outlast’s Javier Colon: Instagram and YouTube

Furthermore, Javier has recently completed tours of Thailand, Bruges, Germany, the Yucatan, and most of South America. Javier’s Instagram documents the places he’s been, the food he’s eaten, and the people he encounters on his travels. He’s been all over the world. Surprisingly, his low-tech operation has brought him a high follower count (compared to his castmates). He has 5,000 people following him on his journey on Instagram. New followers have praised Javier for staying true to his principles and restoring their faith in humanity.

This is a big contrast to the hate that Jill and Amber have been getting for mistreating him. He also maintains a YouTube channel. Javier’s YouTube is a lot like his IG, with interesting clips of his travels. However there are significantly fewer subscribers here- only 355. Here, we can see Javier’s vlogs and attempts to stave off boredom in locales like New Zealand, Portugal, and Morocco.

Javier Talks About What We Didn’t See

Javier is a quiet guy, but he is somewhat enjoying his newfound fame and has a lot to say about the show if you read his responses. He claims that he was the one who told Jill and Amber about how it was possible to walk to the crab pot island during low tide. He also responds to an accusation made by Amber that he stole some buoys for Bravo Team’s raft. You can see these buoys during their confrontation, and Amber has said she is taking them back. However, Javier claims he found the buoys attached to a net under a pile of dirt and leaves. He even says that Jill and Amber were worse than the show depicts, and that the edits make them look better! The camera crew was unable to capture all the insanity that was happening, according to Javier.

It’s good to know that Javier has found some companionship, even if it’s just from online reality TV show fans.

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