Outlast: Javier Is Trashing Jill & Amber As Worse Than Netflix Showed

Outlast: Javier Is Trashing Jill & Amber As Worse Than Netflix Showed

Netflix’s survival competition show Outlast turned into a dog-eat-dog free-for-all a couple weeks in for the stranded cast members living in Alaska’s Neka River in the fall of 2021. Alpha Team got especially aggressive and dirty in its tactics. Blacksmith Justin Court, egged on by professional detective Jill Ashlock and yoga instructor Amber Asay, stole sleeping bags from Team Delta. Jill and Amber also attacked a vulnerable Bravo Team with only Javier Colón remaining, trying to steal his sleeping bags and other essential gear. Now Javier is trashing Jill and Amber, telling Outlast fans they were worse than show production portrayed!

Outlast‘s Javier Is Trashing Jill & Amber To Fans On Instagram

Jill telling Javier they can steal each other's gear because they're in the middle of the wilderness

Jill telling Javier they can steal each other’s gear because they’re in the middle of the wilderness (Netflix).

Despite Justin successfully stealing sleeping bags from one camp, Jill and Amber are facing backlash like no one else from Outlast. Javier is joining in on dragging them further.

“Jill and Amber wanted to encourage a fight between Justin and I… I could see that. But I wasn’t intending to fight Justin… I was simply going to grab the sleeping bags he took and walk away. Justin is a black belt in [Brazilian Jiu-jitsu]… But I don’t think he would have touched me. Jill and Amber on the other hand would have likely stabbed me,” Javier said in the comments of his one Instagram post.

“Yeah… People didn’t expect people to steal and commit strong armed robbery,” he wrote in another comment.

Despite Javier claiming the women were worse than aired on the show, co-star Angie Kenai endorsed the two ladies as very supportive and kind.

“You and Amber are crazy strong women and it was amazing to come so close to the end with you guys. it took a lot to get to where we were and a lot happened that a lot didn’t get to see, and only we know because we truly lived it. Keep your head up Jill,” Angie said on one of Jill’s Instagram posts.

“The lady wouldn’t shut up on camera. I kept telling Jill and Amber that they were on television, I literally pointed at the camera and said the whole world is watching… but that didn’t dissuade them from acting like that. I felt like I was on Jerry Springer,” Javier dished in another IG comment.

Jill’s recent comments suggest Outlast is scripted and staged as she says she has nothing to apologize for.

“Imagine having people taunt you and walking around you… Threatening to steal your things or destroy your home. It was actually difficult to watch myself get robbed on TV,” Javier said to fans.

Justin, Amber & Jill Have No Regrets About Outlast Behavior

“No regrets at all. I was playing the game to win and sometimes that means you have to be ruthless,” Justin told a fan in his Instagram comments. “What you fail to understand, is that this was encouraged by the producers, & Keep in mind this is a REALITY TV show and not everything is always as it seems. So for you and other viewers like you, it’s easy to pretend & sit on some moral high horse, and say things like Kindness, honesty & being a good human being win in the end from the comfort of your chair.”

Meanwhile, Amber claims Javier actually betrayed an alliance and that she was only trying to retrieve buoys that were rightfully hers. She also shared a producer’s post saying Javier wasn’t a saint and that the attacks on her and Jill were unfair.

Alleged Outlast producer defending Jill and Amber on social media

Alleged Outlast producer defending Jill and Amber on social media (Instagram).

“This is theatre, it’s drama, it’s reality TV. Most of the stuff they’re playing is the drama. They didn’t hit on any of the bush crafting, the shelter building, the foraging. The transformation from this scared girl when I got there to being who they portrayed me as on the show,” Amber said in a video.

“You’re the ones that can’t see the love that was put out in that show. The friendship against all odds of two abused women that put up with misogynistic males for 36 days. What do you think set us off? Look at the cuts. Come on! Get a brain. Stop being a sheep, you have a choice. I’m a [bleeping] wolf, if you want to be a sheep, I will eat you alive,” Jill said in her own response video.

Javier Still Blasting Jill As ‘Devil’ & Amber As Childish Liar

Javier burning down his shelter on Outlast

“That’s reward enough… To see how the entire world can see Jill for who she is. The devil is no longer fooling us,” Javier told Outlast fans on Instagram.

He’s not holding back any punches.

“I just saw Amber’s video confession. Her insanity knows no limit. She’s still living in a fantasy world. She didn’t do anything to help me with my raft. I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about. This is some childish attempt to avoid taking responsibility for her actions. Even her lie makes no sense,” Javier said about Amber’s aforementioned response to seeing the show.

One’s thing for sure, Netflix needs an Outlast reunion episode to let these contestants verbally duke it out.

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast (Instagram).

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