Outlast: What Happened To Angie After Leaving Show

Outlast: What Happened To Angie After Leaving Show

Fierce Outlast competitor Angie Kenai proved she was just as capable and strong as any of the men on the show time and time again. She successfully traversed the Alaskan Neka River in Team Charlie’s makeshift raft to get three crab pot traps before anyone else could. She also knows how to skin and gut a fish, which she did right after her team caught a bunch of fish. Her grit and determination helped make her team the strongest of all other cast members‘ camp. She proved the doubters, including wrestling coach and teacher Nick Radner. So what happened to Angie after leaving Outlast?

Unfortunately, Angie’s journey on Outlast came to an early end due to a bowel obstruction, which caused her to not to have a bowel movement for 24 days. A big dinner of fish and she was in extreme pain the following day. She had to be evacuated by motorboat to get medical attention and then decide if she waned to rejoin the game.

Why Angie Had To Leave The Outlast Competition

Angie from Netflix's Outlast

Angie from Netflix’s Outlast (Instagram).

Angie’s bowel obstruction meant she was in a high risk of perforation in her digestive system, which means one of her intestines could burst. After that would happen, waste would get into the bloodstream and cause a major infection, proving fatal if untreated. Not only that, massive internal bleeding could occur.

A gastrointestinal perforation requires emergency medical treatment. So the Outlast production crew couldn’t let Angie risk that happening in the middle of the wilderness on an Alaskan island. Once she left, Angie was evaluated and it was determined it was unsafe for her to continue in the game. She sent a handwritten letter to her teammates that a helicopter dropped by parachute.

What Happened To Angie After Competing on Netflix’s Outlast

Angie enjoying the Alaskan glaciers when she stayed in the state after leaving Outlast early

Angie enjoying the Alaskan glaciers when she stayed in the state after leaving Outlast early (Instagram).

“I stayed in Alaska man, I didn’t want to leave. I went to the Aleutian Islands and then I stayed past Skagway. And I was actually taking guests and taking them to Davidson Glacier,” Angie told her former teammates Nick, Paul Preece, and Seth Lueker on Paul’s podcast.

Angie worked at a fish processing plant in the Aleutian Islands, part of Alaska but in the middle of the ocean, a bunch of volcanic islands in the Northern Pacific Ocean. She worked there to save up money so she could go to college to become an emergency medical technician (EMT).

She also spent time in the Tongass rainforest in Southeast Alaska.

After filming in the fall of 2021 for Outlast, Angie worked and lived in Alaska throughout the winter and into the summer of 2022. She said the mosquitoes and flies were a real problem in the warmer weather. Angie was also blown away by the near 24-hour sun Alaska gets in the summertime. She also taught youth in Alaska how to shoot a squirrel, clean and gut a fish, and shoot things.

After saving up money in Alaska, Angie returned to San Antonio, Texas, did her schooling, and now works as an EMT.

“I love my job,” Angie said in the podcast. “It’s insane the things that you get to see and how you get to help people, it’s amazing,”

However, every day she’s still asking herself why she’s in Texas and wants to return to the wild in Alaska.

Outlast‘s Angie Is A Proud Auntie & Pet Mom

Angie’s Instagram shows she’s a proud aunt and mom to her hedgehog and dog.

Angie's pet hedgehog

Angie’s pet hedgehog (Instagram).

Angie's pet rescue dog

Her pet rescue dog (Instagram).

She’s also a proud lesbian and member of the LGBTQ+ community and lives with her partner. She also loves riding her motorcycle.

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