Outlast’s Paul Preece: Sales Job, Instagram, Family, Hunting, More

Outlast‘s Paul Preece is a complicated man who’s made some effective but controversial decisions. He acted as a mentor figure to young construction worker Jordan Williams, but betrayed his Delta team comrades after Jordan’s early exit. He entertained an alliance with the devious detective Jill Ashlock and her Alpha Team demon squad in Operation Hootie Hoo. Later, he rejected blacksmith Justin Court for his moral transgressions. Notably, he never directly attacked or crossed Jill, even to the point of refusing bohemian biker Javier Colon’s offer to join Team Charlie.

But by the very end of the grueling 9 mile-hike final challenge, he was praying for strength. Paul’s a survivor with obvious leadership and construction skills that led Nick Radner to call him “studly.” However, as the oldest of the three winners he was in danger of succumbing to fatigue. Let’s probe deeper into this man who bent rules to help those he loved.

Outlast’s Paul Preece: Family, Sales Job, Hunting, Fishing, Dog

Outlast cast member Paul with hunting buddies

Outlast cast member Paul with hunting buddies (Instagram).

Paul’s credo is “Be polite, be courteous, show professionalism, and have a plan to kill everyone in the room.” All the information we have on Paul, age 47, shows he is a calculating businessman who is a loyal friend and a vicious enemy. Paul’s dedication to hunting and fishing are serious, as shown by his collection of buck head trophies. He also has a picture of a massive haul of duck from a particularly successful hunt. His hunting dog Zena is usually close by his side, and he has a range of hunting buddies. He also takes time to learn from some of the best hunters around, such as Bobby Worthington, who he calls a world class archer and his friend.

Paul fishing in Tennessee

Paul fishing in Tennessee (Instagram).

Paul’s devotion to his family is very real. He recently became engaged to a woman named Shonda Bailey, who has two children of her own, one of whom is named Olivia Diana-Rose. Jordan referenced Shonda and these two little girls in his sad letter that he penned to his teammates after tapping out. Therefore, everything Paul did on the show was done for their sakes. It seems that this is not Paul’s first marriage, however, as he was previously married to a woman named Cathy. Cathy and Paul had two children, Alexis who is in her late teens and Christian who is in his late twenties. Paul makes a living as the technical sales director for the Danish company FLSmidth, who supply mining and cement industries. Paul has also worked for Kentucky clean coal company Birtley for a short time between 2014 and 2015.

Outlast’s Paul Preece: Instagram, Facebook and Podcast

Paul going hunting with his dog

Paul going hunting with his dog (Instagram).

Paul, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, has started the “Between The Horns” podcast to discuss his time on the show. The podcast is currently the only video on Paul’s YouTube, which nevertheless has scored 146 subscribers thus far. He invited his Charlie Team companions Angie Kenai, Nick Radner, and Seth Lueker to debrief their season 1 experience. Paul has linked to this podcast at least once in response to criticism of his behavior on the show. He says things deteriorated between him and Delta Team after Jordan’s departure. It wasn’t as abrupt as the show depicted it. Most of this criticism has been levelled on Paul’s Instagram, where he only has 805 followers. Instagram is where most of Paul’s hunting content can be found, but Paul’s Facebook profile depicts more of his family life. For example, we can learn that Paul’s mother sadly passed away in late December 2022.

In many ways, Paul was perfectly suited to the brutal environment of Outlast. He didn’t walk away unscathed, but he dodged the bullet of being hated like Jill and Amber Asay. He also became $333,333 richer.

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