The Real World Austin: What Happened To Lacey Buehler?

The Real World Austin: What Happened To Lacey Buehler?

The least controversial of the seven contestants on The Real World Austin, sheltered Lacey Buehler seemed barely there. Her paraplegic boyfriend at the time, Ryan, got more praise from the housemates than she did. She spent most of her time talking about the other women behind their back, especially Rachel Moyal. Her backstory was interesting, as her parents were deeply religious former hippies. We also found out she worked at a salon in Tallahassee, Florida. However, she never went wild on the show as the producers were clearly hoping. She did help edit the team’s documentary project with Melinda, but who cares about that? Let’s see what happened to Lacey Buehler, if anything, after she got back into the actual real world.

What Happened To Lacey Buehler? The Challenge Experience, Family, Children, Hair Salon Owner Job

The Real World Austin star Lacey back in the real world

The Real World Austin star Lacey back in the real world (Instagram).

After her The Real World Austin experience, Lacey got brought back on The Challenge like her six cast mates. However, she only showed up on one season, Battle Of The Seasons, seven years after The Real World Austin. She competed alongside her Austin castmates Danny Jamieson and Melinda Stolp (who were at this point divorced) and mainstay Wes Bergmann. However, she got eliminated in the first episode and her castmates followed suit shortly thereafter.

What about outside the reality world entirely? Lacey is 42 years old which makes her the oldest member of the cast. She was born on May 14th and her sign is Taurus, which means she both works and plays hard. Lacey got married in 2016 to husband Cameron Hanmer and has two daughters. Fiona was born on April 24th of last year and Barrett was born in 2018. She never left the world of hairstyling and opened her own salon, Midtown Tryst in Tallahassee in 2021. She also works with sustainable hair product manufacturers Living Proof on their creative team.

What Happened To Lacey Buehler? Real World Memories, Pets, Photo Shoot, Travel

Lacey is moderately active on Instagram and X/Twitter. Her IG account has 4,160 followers and her X/Twitter has 3,800 followers. She clearly still loves reality TV as most of her Twitter posts are about Love Is Blind and other shows. She has kept a scrapbook of her time on The Real World and her IG reels consist of her sharing her memories. For example, she still has the “fish-bowl-moon-man” award that the Austin seven won for “Best Season.”

Looking through Lacey’s posts reveals she has a cat, Murphy the Persian Shorthair. Other cats that have made an appearance on her profile include Bruce the one-eyed orange tabby and Alice the rescue calico. She also revealed that she did a sexy photo shoot with the other women of The Real World Austin for Stuff Magazine. The entire cast showed up for the opening of her first salon back in 2007, suggesting she is at least cordial with all of them. Lacey is not a big traveller, but she did visit Spain in 2022.

At heart, Lacey is not an attention seeking person and seems content with the short time she had a national audience.

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