Did Jackie Keep The Ring On Love Is Blind (& Did Marshall Buy It)?

Did Jackie Keep The Ring On Love Is Blind (& Did Marshall Buy It)?

Reality TV villain Jackelina Bonds shocked Love Is Blind season 4 fans after she broke up with Marshall Glaze and rejected his request she return the engagement ring. On episode ten, Jackie decided to try dating her other love-interest in the pods, Josh Demas. Now fans are wondering: Did Jackie keep the ring from Love Is Blind? Also, did Marshall or show production buy the engagement ring? Since Marshall didn’t buy the ring, Jackie most likely kept it. More on that below, but first, how we got here.

“I would like the ring back, because I don’t think you deserve it. Because you should’ve never have accepted my proposal,” Marshall told Jackie after she dumped her fiancé.

“Well, I’m going to keep the ring because I accepted it because I wanted to marry you. Everything I told you in that pod was real,” Jackelina bizarrely responded.

“You know what, I don’t even care. You can keep the ring. Every time you look at that thing, whatever you do with it. I want you to be reminded that you passed up on something great,” Marshall shot back before going to their room in the Seattle townhouse apartment to pack his things.

Did Jackie Keep The Ring From Love Is Blind Season 4 & Did Marshall Buy The Engagement Diamond Ring?

Jackie dumping Marshall and keeping the engagement ring

Jackie dumping Marshall and keeping the engagement ring (Netflix).

Jackie most definitely kept the engagement ring from Love Is Blind season 4 because all the women get to keep their rings regardless of what happens at the altar (or before in Jackie’s case).

“If they get to the point that they want to propose, we will ultimately give them [the rings],” Love Is Blind‘s Kinetic Content production company founder Chris Coelen told Newsweek in 2022.

A Kinetic Content representative told PopSugar the ladies get to keep the rings regardless if they get married or not. “Whatever they choose, we pay for. Whatever we pay for, they keep, regardless of engagement ending.” The source also reportedly said the guys get to choose from dozens of rings.

Jackie confirmed she kept the ring because “Love Is Blind paid for all the rings” in a statement denying she cheated on Marshall with Josh.

Marshall shocked Jackie broke off the engagement and told him she would keep the wedding ring

Marshall shocked Jackie broke off the engagement and told him she would keep the wedding ring (Netflix).

Despite a Kinetic Content rep and Jackie claiming production buy the rings, most likely the Bridal Ring Company supplies the rings free of charge for the product placement advertising it gets. Love Is Blind season 3 and Love Is Blind season 4’s episodes credits include “special thanks” to Bridal Rings Company, which supplies the engagement rings for the proposals. Judging by Jackie showing off her bling, she most likely got one of the company’s solitaire style engagement rings. Prices aren’t available online, but Jackie’s engagement ring is most likely worth well over $10,000.

So Marshal didn’t buy the ring, Love Is Blind‘s production company likely got them for free for a product placement deal. So out of spite, Marshall didn’t want Jackie to have the ring he chose for her because she dumped him.

Although we’ll likely have to wait until the live Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode to find out if Jackie sold the ring or still owns it, it’s bizarre if she kept it.

Fans Bash Jackie Keeping The Ring After Breaking Up With Marshall

Fans couldn’t believe Jackie kept the wedding ring despite the split. They let her have it.

Fans think Jackie pawned the ring to make a quick buck.

“I may be the most hated, that’s fine, I had a blessed journey, I had a blast filming, and for all the women in the pods that I met and became friends with I’m blessed for that as well,” Jackie posted on her Instagram stories.

“I learned that I have to give myself grace,” she said.

More recently, Jackie also claimed Marshall called her the most disgusting name on the show. Josh and Jackie were spotted going on a date at a Seattle Mariners game recently, too.

With all Jackie’s red flags, it’s safe to say Marshall dodged a bullet.

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