Who Won The Big Brother Competition Tonight & Comes Back: Jared Or Cameron?

Who Won The Big Brother Competition Tonight & Comes Back: Jared Or Cameron?

Big Brother 25 houseguests were shocked to learn evicted co-stars Jared Fields and Cameron Hardin got a second crack at the game when they returned to the house on Week 8. Sunday, September 24’s episode showed the two evicted houseguests returning and shocking the other competitors when they discovered they would be the undead Big Brother zombies. So who won the Big Brother competition allowing them to choose who would have to compete live on Thursday night to resurrect their game and come back?

On Sunday night’s episode, fans got to watch Cameron and Jared battle it out on a teeter-totter competition where they had to put skull balls into a spoon-like seat on the one side while walking back to the other side to retrieve more balls. If they dropped one ball, they had to return all the balls they’d already collected and start all over again. Cameron and Jared competed in three rounds, each round lasting 10 minutes. After two rounds, Cameron was up three points, with one round left to play. Jared and Cameron were competing in the third and final round when the episode abruptly ended. So who won the competition and gets the choice who gets to compete to come back to the game?

Well, the live feeds let superfans know Cameron won the zombie competition, which isn’t surprising because he already had a big lead. But we won’t know who’s returning to the game until one of them gets to compete to decide who gets their game resurrected live on Thursday night’s episode.

Twitter/X shows a lot of fans excited to see Jared finally get the boot for good. He used the r-word earlier on while playing the game. He also talked rudely and misogynistically to his showmance Blue Kim.

Other fans think production will rig the final game so that Jared can be reunited with his mom, Survivor veteran Cirie Fields.

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