Below Deck Adventure’s Chef Jess: Everything To Know About Her

Below Deck Adventure's Chef Jess Condy: Everything To Know

Bravo’s fourth spinoff to the Below Deck franchise premieres on Tuesday, November 1, but fans can’t wait to get to know more about who the new Below Deck Adventure cast members are now. Below Deck Adventure‘s Chef Jess Condy is definitely one crew member fans to know more about after her appearance on superyacht Mercury in the show’s trailer.

Mainly, fans want to know if she’ll be a disaster like some previous Below Deck chefs who couldn’t pass mustard for five-star dining. Or will Jessica wow charter guests with her culinary creations — like Chef Ben, Chef Dave, Chef Marcos, and Chef Rachel before her — off the coast of Alesund, Norway. Here’s everything fans need to know about Below Deck Adventure‘s Chef Jess.

Below Deck Adventure‘s Chef Jess Condy’s Culinary Training & Life Before Reality TV

Chef Jess Condy’s passion for cooking began at the young age of 12. “My grandmother was Spanish-Italian, so I grew up with food around me and I was rolling Spanakopita [Greek spinach pie] since I was about two tears-old. Just hanging out in the kitchen, it was my happy place,” she explained in the first episode.

Chef Jess is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, according to her Facebook profile, but she’s now a world traveler based in Santa Monica, California.

Chef Jess sharpened her culinary prowess at the Ballymaloe Cookery School, in the UK, back in 2010, per her LinkedIn. Before she decided to pursue her love of cuisine, Jess studied business at the University of South Africa and worked in the corporate world for several months before quitting. Chef Jess took of to Switzerland, where she was a “chalet girl” cooking for well-off skiers. She started her yachting career in France, working as a stew. She also created her own bespoke catering company that provided meals for high-end clients, including motor yachts.

Her Bravo bio describes her as “confident, enthusiastic, hardworking, and passionate about food.” The South African chef has a strong conviction and philosophy that good food is essential for a good life.

“For me, food is the key that unlocks the door to the rest of your life… No one has undergone a huge life transformation didn’t have food as part of that. Think about it!” Chef Jess expounded on her Instagram.

Chef Jess is a master in Mediterranean and Asian-Fusion cuisine, and she’s also a certified nutritionist coach, after studying at a New York City college.

Jess, if fans couldn’t tell from her saying “cleansing my aura” in the trailer, is also quite spiritual. She’s a certified yoga instructor and takes a holistic approach to her cooking style.

Chef Jess Owns Her Own Business, Podcast & Is Writing A Book

Chef Jess isn’t just a five-star culinary master. She owns her own lifestyle business Wild Wanderlust Wellness. Chef Jess hosts a podcast titled Finding the Recipe to You where she interviews highly successful women about life and wellness.

Finding The Recipe To You takes the listener on a journey within, it is not for the faint of heart but for the courageous woman who desires to live wild, explore the wanderlust and expand her wellness.”

On top of her podcast and women lifestyle company, Chef Jess is currently writing a book called The Chef’s Galley: Diary of a Gourmet Goddess.

She also advocates for people to do digital detoxes and return to nature. (Going adventuring in the cold waters off the coast of Norway seems like a great way to do that.)

“Nature helps us to breathe deeper, to notice the little things. If you’re up for it, take the time to completely unplug from the digital world. As you do, you may experience the urge to return and check on the world; you may feel as though you are missing out,” said Condy in an interview with Brainz. “However, over time being switched off will bring you back to what is deeply meaningful in your life.”

The Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Chef Makes Great Food Dishes

Below Deck fans can expect very impressive food creations from Chef Jess Condy. Her Instagram shows some of her marvelous dishes she’s made in the past.

Below Deck Adventure's Chef Jess's Food

Chef Jess shows off a gourmet dish she made (Instagram).

“Lemon salmon on grilled asparagus, roasted tomatoes and purple cauliflower purée served with romesco and salsa verde” wrote Jess about this dish (Instagram).

“Toro two ways fresh and zesty crudo, yuzu, jalapen?o, cilantro and coconut on a pickled carrot salad. Seared on a wasabi mash with sesame asparagus, enoki mushrooms and peppers. Served with a sesame stick,” wrote Chef Jess about this food creation (Instagram).

Viewers are salivating to see what new dishes Chef Jess whips up on Below Deck Adventure season 1. Make sure to catch the premiere on Bravo on November 1, 2022.

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