Naeem From Love Without Borders: Age, Birthday, IG, Job & More

Naeem from Love Without Borders

Naeem from Love Without Borders (Instagram).

Love Without Borders cast member Naeem Thompson didn’t make his appearance on the show until the third episode. The Texan social worker left an impression on viewers right from the start. Here’s everything fans need to know about Naeem from Love Without Borders.

Love Without Borders Star Naeem’s Instagram, Age, Birthday & Job

Love Without Borders Cast Member Naeem with his dog

Naeem lives just outside of Houston, Texas, with his dog. His Instagram shows he is close with his family, although he doesn’t post often.

Naeem With His Mom & Brother

Naeem with his mom and brother (Instagram).

His family and friends also helped him survive a harrowing case of Covid-19 which almost killed him in 2021. He was in the hospital on a ventilator practically on his deathbed. The near-death experience made Naeem more grateful for life. He’s also religious. According to Bravo, “he received a message from God telling him to re-examine his relationships with women, find a wife and settle down” at the time of his illness. Naeem is ready to settle down and start a family. In the Love Without Borders preview, it appears he proposes!

Naeem On A Ventilator After Sever Covid-19 Case

Naeem on a ventilator in the hospital with a severe case of Covid-19 which almost killed him (Instagram).

Naeem’s birthday is May 30 and he turned age 40 this year. Depending on when Love Without Borders was filmed, he was likely age 39 on the show.

Naeem is a psychotherapist and social worker who helps troubled middle school students. When he isn’t working he loves to walk his dog and travel.

Naeem’s Partner Chandra On Love Without Borders

We don’t know anything about Naeem’s match yet, other than her names Chandra, but she should be revealed in episode 3. The previews of the Bravo reality TV show include a clip of Toronto, so he may be headed to Canada. We’ll update this as soon as we get more info.

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