The Ultimatum: Madlyn & Colby’s Baby Girl Due Date & Married Pics

Colby and Madlyn's Baby Girl's Due Date & Their Married Photos After The Ultimatum
Madlyn shared a video on Instagram of her and Colby enjoy married life in a series of photos. She also included lots of pictures of her pregnant with their baby girl and hinted at the due date of their daughter (Screengrab, Netflix).

Madlyn Ballatori shared an Instagram video montage of her and Colby Kissinger’s like married since The Ultimatum ended. The video includes lots of pictures of the happy married couple and of Madlyn pregnant with their baby girl.

Now fans want to know when they are expecting to have their baby and how far along Madlyn’s pregnancy is.

Madlyn’s Baby Girl Due Date For Her & Colby’s Baby Girl Is Likely May 4

In her Instagram post Madlyn said she is three weeks away from giving birth to her baby daughter. If it’s exactly three weeks from now her due date would be May 4. Sure enough, on May 4, 2022, Madlyn gave birth to a healthy baby girl with Colby by her side at the hospital.

Also, The Ultimatum fans on Reddit found Madlyn and Colby’s baby registry for a baby shower. It supposedly reveals Madlyn’s having a baby shower on May 10.

Before Madlyn shared many photos of her pregnant and married, Reddit users found spoiler photos revealing the two were married and Madlyn was pregnant.

(Screengrab, Instagram).

Madlyn, a 25-year-old project manager, and Colby, a 26-year-old sales director look like they couldn’t be happier to be awaiting the birth of their daughter.

Colby & Madlyn Share Married Pics Of Before Pregnancy Too

Madlyn and Colby also shared a lot of pictures of them married before Madlyn got pregnant in the Instagram video.

Colby and Madlyn had a turbulent time in their relationship while on Netflix reality TV show The Ultimatum. The two fought constantly. Madlyn accused Colby of cheating and found text messages of him talking to a girl on his smart watch. Madlyn throughout the experience tried hard to sleep with Randall Griffin. Madlyn’s friends also approved her new partner on the show and spoke disparagingly about Colby. In Madlyn’s Instagram post she included a photo of her friends celebrating her marriage to Colby.

Madlyn's Friends Celebrate Her Getting Married To Colby
Madlyn’s friends celebrate their friend getting married to Colby on The Ultimatum. Her friends while on the show wanted her to leave Colby for Randall, but have since seemed to warm up to Colby (Screengrab, Instagram).

Madlyn explained on the reunion that her friends are extremely supportive so when she was unhappy with Colby they were taking her side. Colby also explained why he was talking to another girl outside of the show. He said it was because Madlyn was having an intimate experience with Randall and he couldn’t do the same with April.

All of the past drama appears to be water under the bridge now. Colby and Madlyn look very happy together as husband and wife in Austin, Texas.

“Turns out it’s a lot easier for us when we’re not like sleeping in beds with other people, our relationship runs a lot smoother,” Madlyn told E News. “But it was just a really weird situation, and it was just the transparency that was missing there and a little bit of respect.”

She also told E News she got pregnant last August and said her friends are “behind her 100%”.

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