Who Ends Up Together In The Ultimatum (SPOILERS On All Cast)

Who Ends Up Together On The Ultimatum (SPOILERS all cast members)
Find out who ends up together and who breaks up from on The Ultimatum for all cast members (Screengrab, Netflix).

Fans can’t wait for The Ultimatum‘s season finale and reunion episodes to come out Wednesday. Netflix viewers want to know who ends up together in The Ultimatum and who broke up. For those looking for answers on all the cast members they need look no further than here for all the spoilers.

The Ultimatum‘s Madlyn & Colby Married & Are Expecting A Baby

Reddit sleuths found out Instagram pictures confirming Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori married. Not only that, but Madlyn is near the end of her pregnancy expecting their first baby!

Instagram post (screengrab).

Reddit users found a photo of Colby and Madlyn at his niece’s birthday where she is several months pregnant. Another photo found on Instagram includes Colby with a wedding ring. In an Instagram story of the couple Colby refers to Madlyn as his wife.

Fans are sure to be shocked by the news after all of the toxic fighting, Madlyn’s friends trashing Colby and her wanting to sleep with Randall.

On The Ultimatum finale Colby proposed to Madlyn and they had an impromptu wedding with only the two of them right where he proposed.

In the reunion episode Madlyn revealed she is seven months pregnant with a baby girl.

Nate & Lauren Appear Together After Partying On The Weekend Together

Nathan Ruggles made an impromptu proposal to Lauren Pounds in episode two of the show after three other girls rejected him. A lot of fans were hoping Lauren dumped Nate after the show ended. However, last weekend The Ultimatum couple posted separate Instagram stories of them at the same boat party.

The Ultimatum co-star Shanique Imari was also at the party and appeared solo.

On the reunion of the show Nate and Lauren said they went to therapy outside the show. Now they’ve agreed to have at least one kid down the road and confirmed they are still together.

Shanique & Randall Get Engaged On Finale

The Ultimatum couple Shanique and Randall Griffin both appear single on their Instagram accounts. However, on the finale of the show Randall and Shanique got engaged. Fans will have to watch the reunion to see if they are still together after the show and getting engaged. However, Randall recently had beers with Jake Cunningham and Shanique has been partying on her own.

On the reunion Shanique revealed they broke up for six months after the show ended. But now they are back together and they’ve decided to take it slow and are not engaged.

Jake & April Break Up, Jake May Be Dating Rae

April Marie Melohn, age 24, partied in Las Vegas over the weekend. Her alleged new boyfriend Cody Cooper posted Instagram stories of the two kissing one another. Her apparent new Texan boyfriend is a successful real estate agent and entrepreneur who is age 30 or 31.

Cody Cooper in the middle of his new girlfriend April Marie Melohn and his friend at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas.

Her ex boyfriend from The Ultimatum Jake Cunningham did an interview with Rae Williams denying they had sex while on the show. The fact the two did the interview together suggested they may be together now. Rae’s mom also follows Jake on Instagram. Fans will want to know if Jake’s mom warmed up to Rae since then. In the finale, Jake tells April he is not ready for marriage and breaks up with her. During their talk he denies he is going to run off with Rae. However, after leaving April he goes to Rae and tells her he wants to be with her. On top of that, he literally asked Rae to ride off into the sunset by offering her two tickets to anywhere in the world. On the reunion episode Rae revealed that the two did not end up going on the trip because everyone needed to heal and they thought it would be disrespectful. Also, April revealed that Jake and her lived together again because of routine but they never got back together officially.

Some fans will be sad to see April and Jake breakup, even if she faked a pregnancy scare to try and keep them together.

Rae & Zay Remain Broken Up, Zay Is Partying With Influencers

Zay Wilson appears to be over Rae Williams dumping him while on The Ultimatum. Last weekend Zay partied with a lot of models/influencers at LA clubs. However, after the show ended Rae revealed that she tried to fix her relationship with Zay.

Meanwhile, Rae has been keeping quiet about her relationship status but did do the interview with Jake. On the reunion episode she revealed that she’s bi-sexual and has been dating a woman since the show ended. Also, April in an interview admitted after watching the show that she found Jake and Rae cute together.

Hunter & Alexis Are Still Engaged or Married

The two with the least mystery around what happened to them after the show are Hunter Parr and Alexis Maloney. Hunter watching Alexis get rejected by Colby three times and disparage him for not making as much money as her didn’t ruin their relationship. The two went clubbing with Zay over the weekend.

On the reunion episode Hunter and Alexis confirmed they are still engaged and are busy working on the plans for their wedding in June. They also have Hunter mom helping out because she is a professional wedding planner.

Meanwhile fans can follow all The Ultimatum cast’s Instagram accounts here.

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