Perfect Match: What Happened To LC After The Show

Perfect Match: What Happened To LC After The Show

On Perfect Match Nick Uhlenhuth couldn’t see that he had Lauren “LC” Chamblin at hello. Or perhaps he did, but he was too busy desperately hoping for a shot with Francesca Farago. The producers take a lot of the blame for bringing her on in Episode 10 of a 12 episode show. After a quick date with greasy Bartise Bowden, LC, a Love Is Blind season 1 alumna, went on one awkward jungle date with Nick, and that was it. Her saving grace is things could have been a lot worse for her. As we learned in our update on Nick, she has been pretty open about wanting to be with him. The fact that he is not interested is actually a bullet dodged by her. Is anything else going on in LC’s world, and does she have any hope of finding love? Let’s find out in what happened to LC after Perfect Match.

Perfect Match: What Happened To LC After The Show? Little Clout

LC enjoying her single life after appearing on the tail-end of Netflix's hit show Perfect Match

LC enjoying her single life after appearing on the tail-end of Netflix’s hit show Perfect Match (Instagram).

31-year-old LC has parlayed her reality fame into a couple of pretty good influencer deals. Firstly, she’s repping RO eyelash growth serum, as she discloses that getting long lashes has been something she’s struggled with. Additionally, adorable kitty Blue has become the face of her deal with Pretty Litter. Undoubtedly, LC has put in some time for herself as she travelled to Drunk Musicals in NYC. Doing stuff while hammered has paid off for LC, because on LC’s TikTok she did a recent Drunk Review of “Oh To Be Pure Again.” Then there’s the Taylor Swift concert LC attended as part of Tay-Tay’s Eras Tour. LC, whose political activism is well known, wasn’t asked nor did she offer comment on Swift’s supposed boyfriend Matt Healy’s controversial views.

LC has been making the rounds on some podcasts and on YouTube. She appeared on The Drive-In Podcast Network where she credits Diamond Jack as being her emotional support as she waited to appear. She also reveals that she knew Bartise Bowden before her appearance on the show through a mutual friend. Also, as far as she knows the lock she attached to the gate with Bartise is still there. As far as Nick went, she said, “Five minutes after we sat down, we knew that we were not a perfect match.” She was asked about being the instigator of the Shayne Jansen/Chloe Veitch/Mitchell Eason drama. She said, “Maybe it was that I was asking him questions about, you live in the US and she lives in the UK. Why would I have thought that anything I said could make him upset?”

Perfect Match: What Happened To LC After The Show? More Thoughts on Love Is Blind

On Reality Alert, LC shared some more Love Is Blind thoughts. She watched the first four episodes with the hosts and answered questions. She says, “I have never hung out with Nick and Vanessa Lachey. They were really nice, especially Vanessa. Vanessa hung out on our side of the house, and Nick hung out on the guys’ side.” Hearing that Vanessa is there to hang out with and comfort the girls is something that more people should know. On whether Barnett and her would have worked out if they played beer pong: “We never played any drinking games in the pods. I played pool a lot. There were days where we would exchange gifts – I burned a CD and they bought us Walkmans and they burned a copy for me and him.”

When watching the games that took place in the pods on Season 4, LC had some more info. “It wasn’t just me on my season, there was a lot of people who got dumped that we didn’t see.” LC really lights up a room and even though she hasn’t found her person still, we hope she will find her prince charming soon. For now, anyway, she has her pet cat to keep her company.

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