Love Is Blind Fans Blast Vanessa Lachey For Live Reunion Job

Love Is Blind Fans Blast Vanessa Lachey For Live Reunion Job

Love Is Blind Season 4 viewers entered their own villain stage when they took out their frustrations on hostess Vanessa Lachey. It was speculated in the runup to the live reunion that the Lacheys would lob softballs and display bias. These predictions were borne out as the boring reunion needed to rely on interventions from Marshall Glaze and Zack Goytowski. Fans were already upset that the reunion went on the air over an hour after the advertised 8 PM EST/5 PST start time. They wanted to see villains Irina Solomonova, Jackelina Bonds, Josh Demas and Micah Lussier answer for their behavior. Sadly none of that happened and fans singled out Vanessa for what they saw as biased and cringey behavior. Even though the live reunion’s many problems were the fault of Netflix, the Internet has picked on one person. Let’s review why Love Is Blind: fans blast Vanessa Lachey.

Love Is Blind: Viewers Target Vanessa Lachey For Biased Interviewing

While the Lachey couple kept things lighter than they needed to be, fans took exception to Vanessa grilling Marshall and Paul Peden. Both Marshall and Paul have their detractors, but compared to their ex-fiancées they’re saints. Vanessa came for Paul for his decision to say after she asked him to go first at the altar. This was a fair question, but Vanessa had given Micah the benefit of the doubt after a video review of Micah’s mean girl behavior. Vanessa also played some footage of Irina and Micah meeting up on a dog walk and clearing the air after Irina flirted with Paul. Certainly, Paul has a tendency to retreat into using confusing big words when he gets uncomfortable. If Zack hadn’t provided pro bono lawyering on a mumbling Paul’s behalf, a teary Micah might have succeeded in turning the tables.

Vanessa also brought up unproven allegations Paul grabbed the butt of a bridesmaid at his failed wedding. Micah got off easy in comparison.

Then Vanessa went along with Jackie and Josh’s story about missing the reunion after Jackie spoke of death threats. Jackie got to avoid being challenged by Marshall for homophobic texts with Josh backing her up in a Zoom call. Marshall was unable to refute Jackie’s arguments in real time and had to watch her performance while his dancing eyebrows told a tale. Then, Vanessa didn’t break down Jackie’s allegations one by one, causing Marshall to turn the question back on her. Given time, Marshall was able to turn in a skillful performance. He confidently addressed allegations that he labelled Jackie with a slur and wanted to keep the ring for selfish ends. While all this was happening, viewers were raging, accusing Vanessa of being harder on the men than the women, who most found were the villains more often than not this season.

Love Is Blind: Viewers Target Vanessa Lachey: Baby Badgering

Nobody needed to see Bartise Bowden jump-scare viewers by appearing with his new baby to ask a question. But it was all part of Vanessa’s constant badgering of the contestants about making babies. At one point Vanessa freaked because she thought Bliss Poureetezadi was pregnant and practically elbowed Nick out of the way. Then, she dropped a very unsubtle hint to Nick that she wants baby number four from him! Nick tried to shoot it down, but nobody believes that Vanessa will stop asking. It got so bad that even Brett Brown, who Vanessa had gushed over earlier, begged her to stop. None of this was pleasant for viewers who struggle with pregnancies, or understand that the couples have only been married a year.

Too often Vanessa butted in to talk about herself, forgetting the show wasn’t about her.

All this has actually led to a petition — with already over 3,000 signatures — to remove the Lacheys as hosts. Reddit commenters have accused her of being on a substance at the reunion, and criticized her dress and hair. However, nobody should lose sight of the fact that the Love Is Blind season 4 live reunion was a train wreck on all fronts. Replacing Nick and Vanessa with season one winners Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton could definitely fix the hosting problems. They’re much more thoughtful than the airy celebs currently flubbing them.

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