Why Love Is Blind Live Reunion Will Be A Disaster For Season 4

Everyone complains about Netflix’s editing, but the Love Is Blind Season 4 live reunion might make us grateful for it. The Lacheys advertised it as an anything can happen event, but all that did was raise more questions than answers. How come Bliss Poureetezadi doesn’t appear in the live reunion announcement? Where are Irina Solomonova, Josh Demas, Amber Wilder and the two other couples that got engaged but broke things off? And what’s the deal with Zack Goytowski’s new mountain man look? Voting is currently taking place at Netflix’s Tudum site for the questions you want asked, but that’s never going to satisfy fans. Some want a completely unedited mess, and others want the Lacheys to lay down the law but don’t trust them. Let’s explore why fans think Love Is Blind live reunion will be a disaster for Season 4. 

Love Is Blind Live Reunion Will Be A Disaster: Untied Threads

Pretty much every couple has a giant question mark hanging over them. And yes, that includes Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell, the MVP couple from this season. Some fans want to know how they will keep their cool with all the possible craziness at this reunion. Remember how Brennon Lemieux got himself caught up in the Cole Barnett/Zanab Jaffrey side-taking at the S3 reunion? Calminsince21 said, “I’m just mad Brett and Tiffany gonna have to be amongst those peasants and sit thru that mess.” One quick check on a comment Cole made was enough to turn fans against Brennon for judging Cole. Others don’t believe their fairy-tale romance was all that smooth. User allaboutcats said on Reddit, “I’d want to know what filming was like for Brett and Tiffany since they seemed to have very little drama.”

Everyone wants to know whether Micah Lussier will have to say to a whole host of people. This includes her ex-fiancé Paul Peden, her so-called best friend Irina who flirted with Paul, and her mean girl friend Shelby Tschohl, who laughed as Micah ran away crying after Paul’s “no.” Reddit user greekdude1194 says, “My wife swears Shelby is in love with Micah and that’s why she roots so hard for it to fail.” Fans also want to see Kwame Appiah and Irina take their lumps. The weird game Chelsea Griffin and Kwame have been playing where they refuse to confirm if they are still married will come to an end. However, questions about Kwame’s questionable behavior still linger. MangoBanana2012 puts it succinctly: “Kwame: did you really feel love towards Chelsea, and if so, why do your interactions come off as disingenuous, distracted, uninterested?”

Love Is Blind Live Reunion Will Be A Disaster:Crowd Control

There’s a non-zero chance that Marshall Glaze will throw hands at Josh (and likely get smacked down for his trouble). Or, Jackelina Bonds, Marshall’s ex-fiancée, could bait him into saying something horrible again. She has been threatening some “receipts” for weeks now. Or Bliss and Irina could try to claw each others’ eyes out. Or Micah and Chelsea could have it out over Kwame, or Zack could blast Irina or Jackie for being mean to him. It’ll be up to the hosts Nick and Vanessa to keep things from getting out of control while getting the answers fans deserve. Hilariously, nobody thinks Nick and Vanessa have it in them! Affectionate-Flan140 sums it up: “I just hope the hosts don’t ask dumb [bleep] questions or make pointless comments. “Kwame .. you had quite the time dogsitting for Chelsea HAahHaHa. Marshall, u sure can bust a move! haHaHa.”

One source who’s been through a reunion is worried that editing will make some of these people look worse (if that’s even possible). Season 2 survivor Natalie Lee, whose podcast Out of the Pods with Deepti Vempati, has this to say:  “If our reunion was live, a certain someone would have ruined their life for a really really long time based on what he said. It would have been really bad.” And: “And he was saved by Netflix cutting out a lot of what he said. But I can’t imagine, like, not having an editor to like cut things that are like really inappropriate.” Of the possible doomsday scenarios, the only one that might get this bad is if the conversation turns to Marshall’s sexuality or masculinity. Or how Jackie apparently likes “toxic love”. But if things go full Jerry Springer, will it be hilarious or horrifying for the audience? Only time will tell.

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