Outlast’s Corey Johnson & Tim Spears: IGs, Jobs, Faith & More

Outlast's Corey Johnson & Tim Spears: IGs, Jobs, Faith & More

Some competitors on Netflix’s Outlast were sidelined by bad luck (like Andrea Hilderbrand), bad decisions or underhanded tactics. Others just quit while the quitting was good. Outlast’s Corey Johnson and Tim Spears tapped out early in Episode 2. Maybe the frigid weather and lack of food and fresh water did them in. Maybe it was the constant pestering of the team leader, Bravo Team boss Javier Colon. Whatever the case, their teammate, the grizzled construction worker Brian Kahrs, wasn’t too sad to see them go. Considering what was to come next, maybe these two made the smart decision.

Netflix's survival competition show Outlast's cast member Tim

Netflix’s survival competition show Outlast‘s cast member Tim (Netflix).

Corey and Tim may have lost the competition, but they gained a friendship and they appear to be on good terms. That’s much better than can be said for the rest of the crew. Some of the competitors will be nursing grudges for a long time. While they certainly seem to be a pair of good, if slightly redneck-y, dudes, they had no place on this show. Before we move into the next tier of challengers, let’s review what we know about Tim and Corey.

Outlast cast member Tim making friends while competing for a million dollars

Outlast cast member Tim making friends with Corey while competing for a million dollars (Instagram).

Outlast‘s Corey Johnson and Tim Spears: Families, Faith, Certifications, Fandoms

Outlast competitor Corey with his wife

Corey with his wife back in civilization (Instagram).

Corey is the happily married one of the duo, with two girls he loves very much. Wife Marta and daughters Michelle and Nellie Sue are all over his social media. There’s also family dog Cora and Corey’s brothers Clayton and Cam. Corey is a devout Christian and an even more devout Tennessee Titans fan. He’s more into hunting (with guns and bow and arrow) and running than Tim is. Scrolling back on Corey’s timeline reveals that he lived in NYC for a time, though he calls Colorado home now. Corey’s profession is listed as a bartender.

Netflix's survival competition show Outlast's cast member Corey (Netflix).

Tim doesn’t appear to be in a relationship right now. He actually seems to be into Norse mythology, as he has quite a few runic tattoos. He has a miniature Yggdrasil (world tree) by his bed. While we don’t know the names of his family members, we know from one picture on IG that he has one brother and sister. He’s a big fan of the Joe Rogan podcast and of Jordan Peterson. Tim revealed that he struggles with anxiety and is trying to deal with the effects of alcohol withdrawal. He grows cannabis in his spare time and works as a personal trainer with Crunch Fitness.  Tim is also very proud of his time doing Ride Alongs with local police and his concealed carry permit. Finally, Tim is an avid fan of DC Comics, especially The Flash and Batman

Outlast‘s Corey Johnson and Tim Spears: IG, Political Views, YouTube

Corey’s IG has 1,428 followers, while Tim’s IG has only 593. Inspired by the podcasts he listens to, Tim has tried his hand at doing motivational videos and his own on YouTube. However, Tim’s YouTube only has 5 videos and hasn’t been updated in a while.

The other thing you can quickly find out from their socials is that both guys lean fairly right on the political spectrum. At the very least they are not fans of Joe Biden, as Corey says the US President is one of the things he’s most scared of. Tim has a post questioning why Trump is being blamed for the recent spate of spy balloon sightings.

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