Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Fans Fuming At Dr. Nichols, Chris & Dino

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Fans Fume At Dr. Nichols, Husband Chris & Dino
Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 fans couldn’t believe how rude Dr. Kim Nichols, her husband Chris and Dino were on the show. In this shot they ask for more deck recliner chairs and a new drink because the ice had melted too much in the half-drank drink (Screenshot, Bravo).

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans are fuming after charter guests Dr. Kim Nichols, her lawyer husband Chris and friend Dino barged onto Parsifal III.

Dr. Nichols, Her Husband Chris & Friend Dino Bark Demands At Chief Stew Daisy

From the get-go, these charter guests made it known they were going to be extremely high maintenance.

Dino demanded bloody marys with jumbo shrimp and bacon, as well as chilled tequila shots, as soon as arriving and without manners. Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher looked dejected as she realized how demanding this group of charter guests were going to be while she’s a stew down after Gabriela Barragan quit. Dino, an investment banker, didn’t miss a beat to complain, saying the shrimp and bacon weren’t big enough.

Dr. Nichols, her husband Chris, and friend Dino proceeded to get very drunk and belligerent throughout the first day of charter. Dr. Nichols demanded the crew refer to as “Dr. Nichols” and kept asking for news drinks as soon as the ice had melted in her current drink. Chris and Dino kept demanding new twists and tweaks to drink to add even more work for Daisy. On top of that, they kept delaying dinner and Dr. Nichols and her husband yelled at each other over what time to have it. Dr. Nichols had her nipples out during dinner, and they complained there wasn’t enough food after Chef Marcos Spaziani cooked them a feast. After dinner, they continued to demand more and more drinks from Daisy. Chris got very loud, barking orders for music and blankets. Dino complained they were understaffed and threw money at Daisy, apologizing for the rudeness by being more rude. Dr. Nichols then got upset and complained she spent “$60,000” on the trip, although it was great publicity for her skincare clinics back in Connecticut.

The next day they slept in until almost two in the afternoon.

Fans Bash Dr. Nichols & Other Charter Guests For Being Rude & Classless

Charter guests Dr. Nichols, Chris and Dino got a lot heat from Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 viewers. Fans immediately pounced on the uncouthness.

Twitter let loose.

Fans on Reddit were just as unforgiving for their “classless” behavior.

“I have worked in the service industry for some very rich people,” said on fan on Reddit. “The people that complain about everything – it’s an ego trip for them. They have to make it known that you are the servant and they are the master. No drink can be just a regular bloody mary – it has to have bacon and shrimp. And when you do the special request it was the wrong bacon and the wrong shrimp. It’s just a power trip for them.”

Another fan, who is also a doctor, said it was ridiculous Dr. Nichols wanted to be addressed by her title.

“As an MD, the request to be called by “Dr Nichols” absolutely grinds my gears. Wanna know the last thing I want to think about on vacation? My title, my job. I adore what I do but when it comes to my regular life, I’m a person. She is ridiculous to the nth degree.”

Below Deck fans should remember it’s a Reality TV show that is partly faked. So some of the antics from Dr. Nichols, Chris and Dino could be played up for the cameras.

Fans will have to wait until next week to see if Dr. Nichols (AKA Dr. Nipples) and the rest of the charter guests will outdo Erica Rose, her husband Charles and her mom who went down in infamy earlier on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3. It would hard to leave a worse tip than the lowest $6,500.

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