Below Deck: What Happened To Heather Chase After Season 9

What Happened To Heather Chase After Below Deck Season 9
Find out what happened to Heather Chase after Below Deck season 9 and the chances she will return for Below Deck season 10 (Screenshot, Instagram).

Fans are wondering what happened to Chief Stewardess Heather Chase after she divided the fanbase on Below Deck season 9. The N-word controversy engulfed Heather a lot of her first season. Some fans thought she should’ve been fired and should never return to Below Deck. Others said the attacks on Heather were overblown for the crime, and that Rayna Lindsey and fans trying to cancel her were not taking what happened into context and her numerous apologies.

What Heather Chase Is Doing After Below Deck Season 9

Heather Chase finishing her last week of work on a yacht in the Bahamas (Instagram, stories).

Heather, age 25 while on the show, is currently living the life on another superyacht. She is again a chief stew, working alongside her best friend and season 9 replacement stew Kaylee Milligan.

The two are working in the Bahamas again, enjoying coming up with theme parties guests, serving the rich cocktails and gourmet meals.

Recently Heather shared on Instagram a ’60s-themed party they hosted on the yacht they’re working on.

Heather, a certified yoga instructor and originally from Hawaii, also vacationed in Tulum, Mexico, recently.

Chances Heather Will Be The Chief Stew On Below Deck Season 10

A lot of fans and commentators believe Heather Chase will return to be chief stew on Below Deck season 10. First of all Captain Lee and Chef Rachel Hargrove both enjoyed working with her. Rachel and Heather caught up with each other in the Bahamas recently.

After apologizing several times for repeating the N-word, it appears she’s been able to put the controversy behind her. Even Rayna finally wished her well on the Below Deck season 9 reunion episode.

Captain Lee clearly showed a soft spot for Heather and was impressed with her work ethic. He said he would work with her again.

Let us know in the comments if you think Heather Chase should return for another season of Below Deck.

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