Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Dr. Nichols Loved Time On Show

Dr. Kim Nichols Loved Time With Cast On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3
Dr. Kim Nichols said she had a blast on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 and praised the Parsifal III crew for their great service. After appearing on the show Dr. Nichols promoted the opening of her new clinic in Fairfield, Connecticut (Screenshot, Instagram).

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 charter guests Dr. Kim Nichols, her husband Chris and friend Dino have fans fuming.

Despite all the complaining from the trio about the slow service on Parsifal III, and their bad behavior, Dr. Nichols said they had an “absolute blast” on the Bravo show.

Dr. Nichols Says She Had A Blast With The Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Crew

In a response to local news outlet Greenwich Time, Dr. Nichols, age 46, said she and the others on her charter trip had a great time. “…Parsifal III and its crew were nothing short of fabulous and we truly had a great time with their entire team,” Dr. Nichols.  “[I have great] appreciation for Below Deck’s hardworking staff that made our experience so memorable.”

Dr. Nichols and the other charter guests on the latest episodes of BDSY season 3 bossed around Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and showed a complete lack of manners and respect. So Dr. Nichols’s kind words must come as a major surprise to Daisy and fans alike.

With all their antics, though, searches for Dr. Nichols, AKA Dr. Nipples, have skyrocketed on Google Search and Instagram. With all the popularity and publicity, albeit mostly negative, Dr. Nichols is taking advantage by promoting her dermatology clinics. Maybe Dr. Nichols doesn’t regret spending $60,000 on the trip after all. On the show she threw a drunken temper tantrum and complained she had spent “sixty thousand dollars” on the trip. It looks like Dr. Nichols treated her lawyer husband Chris Cabanillas, investment banker Dino, his wife Donna, and friends Pedro and Adriana to the sailing yacht charter in order to get advertising for her dermatology clinics in Connecticut.

Dr. Nichols Opens New Skincare Clinic Right After Being On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3

Dermatologist Dr. Kim Nichols celebrates opening her new skincare clinic with her all-female employees in Fairfield, Connecticut (Instagram).

Since being on the Bravo reality TV show, Dr. Nichols has been promoting her dermatology clinics and skincare procedures a lot on her Instagram. Before her Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 appearance, the celebrity dermatologist owned two clinics in Connecticut, including NicholsMD of Greenwich (the town she and her family live) and SkinLab in Stamford.

Late last week Dr. Nichols hosted a grand opening of her third clinic located in Fairfield, Connecticut. Dr. Nichols now is the boss of 22 employees working within her dermatology clinic businesses.

Many of her staff members also went to her house for a BDSY watch party of her first appearance on season 3 last Monday. Some fans are wondering what her employees thought about her drunken behavior and antics while on the show, including having her nipples (although blurred out for TV) exposed out of her dress during dinner on the sailing yacht. However, some infamous charter guests, including Erica Rose and her husband Charles, apparently played up the villainous, rude actions in order to get the attention. Charles would later brag that all of the backlash from fans had only ended up helping their law firm. Also, Below Deck season 9’s Rayna Lindsey has claimed the show is fake, so perhaps all the rudeness was acting.

Considering how Dr. Nichols had her “marketing” team working on social media after her first appearance on the show, she may have staged her bad behavior in order to get attention for her growing business empire. And no one remembers nice charter guests like Jim Blumenthal from earlier on in Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

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