Who’s Brittany From Love Is Blind S6: Job, IG, TikTok, Birthday, Age, More

Who's Brittany From Love Is Blind S6: Job, Instagram, TikTok, More

Netflix reality TV star Brittany Mills prides herself on being resilient, saying that she will “roll with the punches” to find love. She has high standards and wants “someone who is strong and able to provide me with peace.” But we know that her relationship with Kenneth Gorham is headed for trouble. This is despite Kenneth easily being in the top tier of males on this Love Is Blind season. Although their faith-first approach may not be for everyone, Brittany and Kenneth seemed right for one another. It seems like Kenneth was the one to withdraw his affection, but what was Brittany’s role in all this?

As we’ll see, Brittany is a lot more extraverted than Kenneth, so maybe their personalities just didn’t click. Even if we don’t know all the details yet, we do know lots about who’s Brittany from Love Is Blind season 6.

Who’s Brittany From Love Is Blind? Family Tragedy, Instagram, TikTok, Height, Hairstylist & Teacher Jobs, Church

Brittany vacationing in Milan, Italy

Brittany vacationing in Milan, Italy (Instagram).

Like her fiancé, who lost his mom at 12 to cancer, Brittany shared a bit of her difficult past on the show. Tragically, her father suffered from alcoholism and died early. Brittany refused to let tragedy set her back, however, as her career and social media is blindingly polished and successful. (And, her Instagram stories have plenty of happy show moments of her with Kenneth. If they didn’t get married, they must at least be on good terms… right?) Speaking of Brittany’s Instagram, she has a very strong 22, 700 followers. Her TikTok is also decent at 8,100 followers as of writing. Brittany also makes use of another social media platform we haven’t seen much of, Shop LTK. She only has 24 followers here, but her profile seems to have her height, 5′ 4 1/2″.

Brittany wearing a stunning dress to an event

Brittany wearing a stunning dress to an event (Instagram).

With her business partner Cory King, Brittany’s side hustle seems to be Beauty By Brittany. Makeup for weddings, pageants, proms and photoshoots appear to be their specialty all over the Carolinas. Brittany’s IG identifies her as a hair stylist, and Cory seems to be the makeup expert. In addition to that, Brittany has a few posts that show the logo of Search Solution Group, a nationally based headhunting talent firm. If that wasn’t enough, Brittany appears to have an interest in Early Childhood Education. She earned a Bachelors of Science in that field from the University of South Carolina in 2021. There are photos of her in the classroom as “Ms. Mills.” You couldn’t write an article about Brittany without mentioning her main place of worship, and that is the Vizion Church, as she has strong Christian values and told Kenneth she wants to wait for marriage before sleeping with her partner.

Who’s Brittany From Love Is Blind? Pet, Friend, Family, Travel, Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign

Virgo Brittany celebrated her 25th birthday with her mom and friends

Virgo Brittany celebrated her 25th birthday with her mom and friends (Instagram).

Brittany loves to have fun, be it adventures with three-year-old mini goldendoodle Louie or with her best friend Katlyn Pumphrey. She is deeply close to her mama Sharon and her little niece. Brittany represented sorority Alpha Chi Sigma at university and works out religiously at the Brickhouse Gym. Her travel destinations include Iceland, Paris, Barcelona, the major cities of Italy and Greece, and Vegas. Brittany is a supporter of BLM as she put up a black square during the protests, and appears to own her own house which she decorates in her own style.

Brittany celebrates her birthday on August 25, and she turned age 25 in 2023. Brittany’s zodiac sign is Virgo, which explains her systematic and devout religious approach to life.

Like Kenneth, Brittany seems perfect on paper, but what will happen in the Love Is Blind wedding runup pressure cooker?

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