Who Is On The Block On Big Brother 25 On Cameron’s HOH Week 6 & Replacement Nom Possibilities

Who Is On The Block On Big Brother 25 On Cameron's HOH Week 6 & Replacement Nom Possibilities

Big Brother 25‘s Week 6 brought shock and awe to the house when Head of Household Cameron Hardin blindsided the entire house by convincing everyone he was putting up Blue Kim and Jag Bains as his nominations for eviction. However, Cam had much bigger plans to shake up the house after his sham allies in Legend 25 betrayed him and his fellow Southern buddy Red Utley when they blindsided them and voted out the ginger chillbilly. So, who is on the block on Big Brother 25 on HOH Cameron’s week of revenge?

Cameron astutely came to the conclusion that Izzy Gleicher, Cirie Fields, and Felicia Cannon are currently the ringleaders in the house calling the shot. Since he’s repeatedly went on the block, Cam realized he had nothing to lose in going after the top of the totem pole and shaking up the power structure. He surprise nominated Izzy and Felicia to go up on the block for possible eviction.

Since the nominations ceremony on late Friday, September 9, Izzy’s demeanor of arrogance and cockiness has shriveled as she’s tried to suck up to the houseguests after previously acting bossy and loud. She’s also turning on Felicia and plotted with Cirie to tell the houseguests Felicia is fine going home this week. She’s also running big words through her head because she believes the veto competition on Saturday, September 9, will involve spelling the biggest word. Izzy is kind of spiraling emotionally, too.

Despite her chances of going home, and being a fierce competitor, Izzy told Cirie she wouldn’t use the veto on herself because she wants to protect her.

Cameron’s Replacement Nom If Felicia Or Izzy Get Taken Off The Block On BB 25 Week 6

Meanwhile, Felicia is upset at showmance couple America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger. She believes they gave Cameron the idea to nominate her and Izzy. The veto competitors were decided Saturday morning and she’s hoping Jared Fields (who she doesn’t know is Cirie’s son) wins the competition (apparently she doesn’t expect herself to win anything after her HOH win). Jag, Matt Klotz and Jared are the three other competitors competing in the Golden Power Of Veto competition alongside Izzy, Felicia and Cameron.

If Jared wins the POV he’ll be in a serious predicament as Izzy and Felicia would likely expect him to use it on them. Meanwhile, Cirie won’t want him to use the POV because she’s afraid Cameron will backdoor her. The Survivor Legend and winner of The Traitors season 1 reality TV veteran isn’t wrong have her suspicions. She’s acted like the mob boss of the house, with everyone coming to her with information. And everyone is asking to be in her good graces and allied with her.

Superfans on Twitter/X watching the live feed believe Cirie will be the replacement nom most likely if the POV is used.

Cameron before winning HOH confided in Jared how he knows Izzy, Felicia and Cirie are running the house.

Now, Cirie has a very real possibility to be backdoored by Cameron. Apparently Cameron was afraid to tell production because he realizes how they likely want one of America’s favorite contestants and a big reality TV star to stay in the game longer to keep ratings high.

So, the question is, would Cirie win the vote up against either of her allies Felicia and Izzy? Here’s who will likely get evicted on Week 6 of BB 25.

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