Jewish Matchmaking’s Noah Del Monte: Everything To Know

Jewish Matchmaking's Noah Del Monte: Everything To Know

Earlier this week, it was reported that Noah Del Monte and his Jewish Matchmaking castmate Cindy Seni were dating. The eligible bachelor was the youngest guy on the show at 25 years-old. He and Cindy have certainly been making the rounds together in Israel, promoting the show. However, it seems like the original reports of them being a thing have been de-confirmed by Cindy. She and Noah are just friends, apparently. Noah wants to be married by age 30, and he doesn’t have Ori Basly or Noah Dreyfuss’ weird factor, so it should be doable. Maybe it was because it was so late in the show, but Noah did say a few things that you would think didn’t fly with the audience. Did Noah get a free pass on the show? Let’s find out that and more about Jewish Matchmaking’s Noah Del Monte.

Jewish Matchmaking‘s Noah Del Monte: Army Service, Family, Jobs, Country of Birth, Food Preferences, Languages, Dog

A quick glance at Noah’s IG reveals he is as patriotic as Cindy is when it comes to his adopted homeland. He also favors a few pictures of tefillin and praying at the Western Wall in a prayer shawl known as a tallit, which may have interested Cindy. Noah tells us on the show that he was born in Italy, but moved to Israel. This would make him a Sephardic Jew like Cindy as well. According to Noah’s LinkedIn, he’s currently the account executive for Dealtale, which provides answers to questions around marketing data. He’s had several different jobs before this, including a PR manager for Italian clubs and an e-sports startup.

We don’t hear a lot about Noah’s family, other than his parents being divorced and that his father is a diplomat. However, the Tel Aviv native does have one sister named Hannah. Details about her are scant since her IG is private. Noah is an avowed dog lover and speaks five languages according to his IG stories — English, Hebrew, Italian, German, and Finnish. His pup Mila is a Belgian Malinois and his favorite food is pasta dish cacio e pepe. Noah enjoys a good burger and we learned he is not a vegetarian by any means. Noah has served in the Israeli Army, which is very common for young guys his age. Since this is a three-year mandatory service, he likely didn’t have a rank.

Jewish Matchmaking‘s Noah Del Monte: Noah Avoids Becoming A Villain (Somehow)

When you look back at Noah’s experience on the show, it’s amazing that he didn’t get dragged by the fans. He rejected Alyssa Lezerrovici because she is a cat person and because she is vegan. Then came Gabriella Smookler, whose belief in non-traditional medicine was the dealbreaker for Noah. He seemed to be getting along well with dietitian Tav Gross, but as the Cindy rumor shows, they didn’t last. Of course, the fact that she lives in Arizona and Noah lives in Israel was a more understandable reason for not continuing.

Noah didn’t insist that his date have blue eyes, and he didn’t irritate Aleeza Ben Shalom the way Ori did. But he did make it clear that he doesn’t date women with curly hair, leading to another Reddit thread full of criticism. These fans also noticed that Noah would prefer his date/wife to love tigers, who are cats last we checked. Plus, he rejected more women than Ori. So why did this guy skate by? We have no idea, and though we will watch for more developments from Noah and what’s his actual relationship status.

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