Below Deck: Captain Lee Picks Captain He’d Want To Learn From & Housewife To Marry

Below Deck: Captain Lee Picks Captain He'd Want To Learn From & Housewife To Marry

Former Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach got asked some tough questions on the latest episode of his podcast Salty With Captain Lee. At the end of the show, Captain Lee answered from controversial fan questions, having to choose one current captain he’d want to learn under and which housewife he’d choose as his second wife. Captain Lee had to pick a captain he’d most want to be his mentor, which means he’d have to insult the others.

He definitely had a difficult choice to make. Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Captain Sandy Yawn has certainly proved herself in the industry. She’s been a captain for eight seasons of Below Deck Med and filled in for Captain Lee for most of Below Deck season 10‘s charter season. Although fans find her to be a micromanager at times, she definitely has taught a lot of cast. She helped train Malia White to become a strong leader of deck crews as a bosun.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Captain Glenn Shephard also wouldn’t be a bad mentor. He’s beloved by fans and his crew alike. Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher, First Officer Gary King, and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae all rave about their boss.

Meanwhile, Captain Kerry Titheradge has really proven himself to the Below Deck fanbase. Starting off on Below Deck Adventure, Captain Kerry showed he’s cool under pressure dealing with the deep and unforgiving fjords of Norway. That spinoff wasn’t very popular, and ended up cancelled. However, Captain Kerry’s no-nonsense approach to running his ship impressed casting. He ended up getting the top job for Below Deck season 11.

Fans loved Captain Kerry’s approach for giving his crew second chances and time to grow in their roles. They also loved his positivity.

Captain Lee Picks Captain Jason As The Best Leader He’d Want Mentoring Him On Below Deck

That said, Captain Lee picked Below Deck Down Under‘s Captain Jason Chambers as the current Below Deck captain he’d most want to work and learn under.

“Probably Jason if I have to pick one. Because I like his philosophy on things. I’m probably more of a disciplinarian than he is. But if I were a deckhand, that’s who I would [want]. He’s going to do what it takes to get the job done. And he’s going to expect you to keep it up, hold up your end of the deal, or he will take steps to see that you’re gone,” Captain Lee said.

Fans and Captain Lee will get another opportunity to see Captain Jason at the helm. The Australian captain recently filmed Below Deck Down Under season 3 in the Seychelles.

If that wasn’t already a tough question, putting Captain Lee in a pickle, the following question may have been even worse.

“You have to pick one of the real housewives as your next spouse. Who would you pick and why?” Captain Lee’s co-host asked.

“WHOAH! Holy [bleep]!”

“[Laughing] you look like you’re just about to swallow the can you’re drinking out of,” said his co-host, seeing the old seadog’s reaction.

“That San Pellegrino almost came out the nose… I gotta marry a housewife? I’d rather drag my dick through ten miles of broken whiskey bottles than marry one of those women… No, there’s not one.”

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